Slips, trips, and falls are minor accidents with major consequences. Even a slip can put an employee out of work for weeks, or even months. Preventing slips, trips, and falls can be as simple as doing a few housekeeping items.

These are the things you should be doing to keep your workplace clean and safe.

Keep Flooring Clear

This involves cleaning up spills, which are a slip hazard. Set up a system to identify and deal with spills quickly. Any walkway obstructions should be cleared out of the way. They are a fire hazard, as well as a tripping hazard. Make sure that all walkways are clearly lit to better avoid accidents.

Choose flooring for you work space that prevents slips and falls. Your floors should have good traction, which means they need to be replaced once they become worn. Rugs and mats need to be secured to the floor to prevent slipping on an upturned corner.

Secure and Organize Loose Items

Items on a shelf should always be secured. It is easy for someone to bump into a shelf and have loose items fall on them, or trip them. Try to keep items stacked straight to prevent falling. Additionally, organize any clutter. Clutter restricts space for movement and increases the risk for slips, trips, and falls. Having clutter cleared or organized will promote the safety of your workplace.

Have Employees Participate in Housekeeping

Create a written system for how housekeeping tasks will be distributed among employees. Make sure leaders are getting their hands dirty as well. These written rules can be enforced, and will ensure that the cleaning gets done. Even simple rules, like throwing away trash before leaving work for the day, can help promote safety in your work environment. Employees should be responsible for keeping their work area tidy.

These easy fixes can help you to reduce risk of slips, trips, and falls in your company regardless of injury. Share these ideas with your team in your next safety meeting.