A lot of the time, employee motivation is left to managers and employers. However helpful this is, employees still need peer recognition to feel fulfilled in their work. Besides, putting the entire burden of recognizing every single employee on the backs’ of managers, will only make them burnt out and discouraged. Creating a culture of peer recognition will help boost motivation and positivity in your entire company. Here are some easy ways to establish peer recognition:

Provide Training for Your Employees

Many of your employees want to give their co-workers the recognition they deserve, but don’t know how to go about it. Providing training for your employees and managers on how to give recognition will give them the tools they need to communicate appreciation. This will make recognition more of a norm in your company and all of your workers will start to feel more appreciated. 

Lead by Example

Even though you don’t want the entire task of recognition on the managers, doesn’t mean that they can’t be good examples too. Have managers give each other recognition, as well as other employees. This can help make your workplace have more of a complete culture of peer recognition. 

Make Peer Recognition Important

Giving compliments is helpful, but there is so much more you can do with peer recognition. When giving bonuses or rewards to employees, try to find a way to factor in peer opinion as well. As you are gifting the award, make sure the employee understands that their peers thought they deserved it as well as their leaders. 

Facilitate Peer Recognition

Some of your employees might consider giving peer recognition as just more work. Try to provide places where peer recognition is easy. There are several apps meant to make employee recognition easier. Or you can simply make thank you notes and small rewards (candy, gift cards, movie tickets, etc.) available for employees to gift to their co-workers. Pick a program that will be easiest for your company. 

Implementing a peer recognition culture in your workplace can be made easy if you follow these four steps.