Flexibility is one of the most sought-after benefits in the work world. Most workers have other responsibilities and worries outside of their job. Because of this, it can be very helpful for your employees to have a flexible schedule that allows them to address those responsibilities and worries and still give their best at work. If you want to attract more job candidates and keep your existing employees happy you should try improving workplace flexibility at your company. Here are some of the best ways to do that: 

Flexible Start and End Times 

The traditional work schedule is 9 to 5, but what’s stopping you from switching that up? Maybe you have an employee that would appreciate getting an early start to work so they can make it to a child’s baseball game at the end of the day. Giving that employee the option to start early would make a big difference in their happiness and motivation, and it can for all of your employees. Even employees without families to care for may find flexible start and end times valuable for participating in a favorite hobby and taking a class. 

Paid Time Off 

Giving your employees paid time off isn’t just a good way to encourage work-life balance, it also gives employees the workplace flexibility they want. You can give employees a set amount of PTO to use in an amount of time (ex. 2 weeks of PTO for the year) or you can have employees earn PTO through seniority or time worked. If you need help developing a PTO policy our HR and payroll experts would be happy to help.  

Remote Work 

Remote work is a great way to make work flexible. It takes out the extra time commuting and gives employees flexibility that may be more practical with their schedule. Another benefit of remote work is being able to hire employees that are far away from your in-person location. If it’s more practical for your company, part-time remote work is always an option. Some companies offer employees one day a week to work remotely. Offer whatever schedules work best for your business.  

Flexibility is a valuable benefit for employees and potential hires. Use this advice to incorporate flexibility into your workplace.