We truly value the chance to honor the outstanding individuals who contribute to the success of our small business clients.

For National Employee Appreciation Day on Friday March 1st, we reached out to our clients, inviting them to highlight the exemplary efforts of their team members. It’s an opportunity to express gratitude for their commitment and contributions to the growth of their respective companies.

Below, you will find a selection of stories showcasing employees who consistently exceed expectations and demonstrate a profound dedication to their organizations:

Bottega University – Margaret P.

Margaret joined Bottega U in 2023 as a business operations manager, aka, accounts manager, aka, admins go to person for reporting bookkeeping and file management!! She is our spreadsheet guru taking the title away from the president!! Margaret had become Bottega’s go to, get it done Star!

Recognized by Tim H. 

Jardine Malaska Construction – Joseph B.

Joe is positive, hard working, always willing to jump in and solve a problem. His people skills are excellent. Always represents JMCS and himself in a professional and friendly manner. We love Joe.

Recognized by Kevin J. 

Utah Foundation – Ashley M.

Ashley started as an intern about 1.5 years ago. Since the beginning and even today, she looks for opportunities to learn many of the things that we do in the small office. She is a researcher, but has become a key to communications outreach, website maintenance, editing, and team building. As Christopher in our office has said: She is the glue that keeps us all together.

Recognized by Shawn T. 

Mountain West Trailers – Chad A. 

Chad is always focused, learning new things, and making changes where they need to be made.

Recognized by Amanda O. 

Teton Raptor Center – Meghan W. 

Meghan puts her heart and soul into Teton Raptor Center — carrying for both birds and people. She always finds ways to support and celebrate her team, while still ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality care and our Avian Ambassadors get the finest training. She juggles a lot as a mom of two toddlers along with being our Avian Care Director and we’re honored to have her as an instrumental and inspiring member of Team TRC.

Recognized by Amy M. 

Genesis Robertsons Marine – Carl R. 

He goes above & beyond when a task is assigned to him. He follows through to the end of a project and that project is done with perfection. He is also very detail oriented. Awesome Employee!

Recognized by Susan R. 

Max Connect Digital Marketing – Brinden S. 

He is a great leader and wears many hats for the company with a positive attitude. He is also genuinely interested in the well being of fellow employees.

Recognized by Amy H. 

Amsource Commercial Properties – Barbara T. 

Our small business is like a family; the median tenure of our employees is 15 years. Barbara knows each of our family members names and birthdays and often brings little gifts for our young children on birthdays and holidays. Even with normal office hours, she often gets called on evenings, weekends, and holidays. For example, a water leak sprung a few days ago on Presidents day and she leapt into action to take care of it. She is great at organizing fun company events that involve interests for all types and awards are geared for everyone.

Recognized by John G. 

Healing Seeds – Elizabeth R. 

Elizabeth brings an exceptional level of care, knowledge and intuition to our startup. She knows exactly what we need and is not afraid to share her insight and visions, and she takes action to implement change. Her grounded energy, dedication and positive outlook is greatly appreciated.

Recognized by Kari Moe- H. 

Hughes Appraisal Service – Mark H.

Mark is the behind the scenes person that keeps our company going. He helps keep all of our tech running and sorts out any problems along the way. Sometimes this means he puts in long hours in the evenings after everyone else has gone home, in order to make sure we are up and running the next day. We couldn’t do it without him!

Recognized by Chad H. 

MineWest Sales and Service – Barbi V. 

Barbi has outstanding people skills and is very proficient and willing to help out.

Recognized by Travis R. 

Blank Label – Kaitlyn M. 

Kaitlyn is one of the few people in the world who view supporting others, and stepping up to the plate when needed, as critical to performing her role. If others around her are not succeeding, she takes it personally, and she always strives to elevate those who need it. She’s never afraid to make our organization better by being proactive about offering help, taking on more than asked, and generally being a wonderful person to work alongside.

Recognized by Connor L. 

Central Utah Enterprises – Adam B. 

He’s very reliable, always willing to help and open to trying new ideas.

Recognized by Steven H. 

Uinta Bank – Samantha M. 

Samantha has been a staple here at Uinta Bank since 2017. She has held many positions and has become skilled at them all. A fantastic source of knowledge, team player and some of the strongest dedication ever seen. She is always willing to go the extra mile, using her talents to better the bank as a whole.

Recognized by Human Resources 

Paradigm High School – Lacie H. 

Lacie is our front office manager and she is amazing! She helps our students and parents with a smile and she’s always willing to be a team player. She does everything that I ask of her and she definitely deserves the recognition!

Recognized by Mallory W. 

Kingbee Rentals – Melanie C. 

This employee goes above and beyond on everything she does with the company. She takes initiative. Always open to learning new things. Very dedicated employee. Her work ethic doesn’t go unnoticed. We enjoy having her a part of our team.

Recognized by Cassandra R. 

Resono Pressure Systems – Cole H.

Cole might be a temporary part time intern but he goes over and beyond all expectations in helping us with our website design, marketing plan, and customer conversion funnel. He has rapidly familiarized himself with our specific technology even without engineering experience. He is a diligent employee and always gets things done in a very timely manner

Recognized by Leann N.  

Prolink IT Solutions – Jared A.

Jared is almost always the first one to the office every morning and often the last one to leave. If you ask him for his help he is always willing no matter what kind of work it is. He is a team player and has been very helpful with assisting in training new employees.

Recognized by Jon P.

Ten Eighty – Gay S.

Gay is a very dedicated, detail-oriented employee and a team player. Her work product is top-notch with almost no mistakes ever because of the care she puts into her work, and she always has a positive attitude.

Recognized by Tim B.

B.O.S.S. Retirement Solutions – Brent D.

Brent got hired in August 2023 and has jumped in to understand the business and remove obstacles to growing the business. Brent has integrated into the team and has built trust and confidence with the team.

Recognized by Spencer B.

La Europa Academy – Amanda K.

She seeks to be transparent and is always pushing the team to expand and grow!

Recognized by Heather S. 

Kimball Condominiums Owners Association – Claire S.

This employee is 100% reliable and has been with the company for years. She really cares about their work and goes above and beyond to ensure the job is done well including working extra days and hours when needed. She is helpful to guests of the company as well and takes notice when there are people or areas of the organization that need attention.

Recognized by Lisa H. 

Allstate Greg Robinson – Angela M.

Angela was hired September of 2022 and has taken her position as a Licensed Sales Representative seriously. In addition to her many responsibilities as a mother, she has had to work long hours while training and licensing to sell Property and Casualty policies in Nevada which is no easy task. I knew I had a lioness in my office by the way she attacked an early task I gave her. She produced up to 400% of the referrals I had expected. I learned that she was the exception to the norm and expectations I had of other licensing producers with similar tasks.

With that momentum when she was licensed and appointed she has become a top producing Sales Representative. She takes time to listen to the concerns of our customers and contributes to our increasing retention numbers. She is a hunter. With a year of Property and Casualty sales under her belt, she worked through this past fall to become licensed in Life insurance and accomplished her goal last month. She is determined to help our customers with all the Insurance products we offer. We are fortunate to have Angela on our team and our customer’s strengthened insurance portfolios reflect her passion and hard work.

Recognized by Greg R.

E&B Industries – Alushia M.

Alushia “Wish” is just that a wish come true. She is loyal and dedicated!

Recognized by Denise S.

Everbase Security Solutions – Brandon M.

Brandon has stepped into a project management role with great leadership, care, and a genuine desire to build his team up. He cares about our customers, quality of work, all while remembering our company culture. Another great trait that I see in him is he strives to focus on solutions rather than dwelling on the issue.

Recognized by Elizabeth C. 

Urban Hill – Noelle J.

Noelle started with us over a year ago as a server assistant, and today is a bartender. Noelle comes in to work every day positive and willing to do whatever it takes to make everyone on the team successful. She is a true team player, and cares about every guest that she serves, and seriously wants to get better every single day.

Recognized by Brooks K. 

Hill’s Kitchen and Urban Hill – Samantha B.

Samantha was voted by her peers as our first Associate of the Quarter in 2023, then voted by a landslide as our 2023 Associate of the Year. She is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. Her productivity and efficiency are unmatched, but while she is producing cocktails at incredible volume she is able to make her guests and team feel like they have her whole attention.

Recognized by Jessica J. 

Hearth & Hill – Miguel B.

Miguel started with us as a dishwasher. He progressed his way through the ranks in the kitchen before turning his attention to front of house so he could practice English. He was worked at least seven positions at Hearth and Hill and always gives a lot of effort. His English has improved tremendously and I am looking forward to watching him grow for years to come.

Recognized by Mike F.

Hill’s Kitchen and Hearth & Hill -Landon K.

Landon is a hard worker and dedicated employee.

Recognized by  Karen R.

Hill’s Kitchen – Zoey Y.

Zoey has worked at two locations in our company. She pushes herself to learn in school, work, and her personal life. She continues to grow as a person and wants to grow with our company as well. She’s reliable and you can always count on her.

Recognized by Lucy C.

BrainStorm – Chris P.

First, he is dedicated to getting the job done. When needed he goes the extra mile.
Second, he’s a caring individual. Those on his team and around him know his comments and collaboration comes from a place of caring.
Lastly, he’s so much fun. He’s playful, adds fun to meetings and the office space.

Recognized by Seth S. 

Moab Paleosafari – Dennis S.

His attention to detail is very outstanding. His punctuality is a roll model for the younger employees. His patience to handle rude customers is very professional.

Recognized by Sebastian R. 

Aqua Yield Operations – Kylee G.

She is so reliable, helpful, knowledgeable and all around asset to the team.

Recognized by Kelly D.

Pinkwood – Carla S.

Dedicated to finishing projects on time and correctly for us and our customers. Available to answer questions and give technical help to customers and other employees.

Recognized by Mariesa D. 

Bateman Collective – Shannon A.

Shannon ALWAYS goes above and beyond with every client interaction. She constantly finds ways to provide gold standard service by going outside of the scope to help our clients achieve success. Shannon lifts up the people around her with her extremely positive mindset. She is always going out of her way to help train co-workers on new tricks or strategies she finds out while on the job. In addition to being a force for good towards her co-workers, she’s not afraid to voice her opinions, which helps to shape her department and our company.

Recognized by Brady S.

Teton Village Association Improvement & Service District – Kate G.

Kate is a smart, skilled, and motivated office manager. She completes her work professionally and efficiently. I appreciate Kate’s interest in learning new tasks, and she doesn’t hesitate to ask for assistance when necessary. She also jumps in to help other TVA employees, TVA members and the public.

Recognized by Melissa T.

Reddish Pharmacy – Ariana J.

Ari consistently goes the extra mile and the big thing that I appreciate as an owner is she will find things to do and ways to help our pharmacy out WITHOUT having to be asked. She is a great Pharmacy Technician who is quick, accurate, and great with patients. She takes a lot of things off my plate which allows me the time to focus on other areas of our business.

Recognized by Kevin R. 

Smith Knowles – Cassidy Y.

She is always willing to help out. She answers questions for new employees who are just starting and need a little extra help.

Recognized by Joylinn M.

Innovative Labs Group – Teresa C.

Teresa is amazing on what she does. She is always willing to help others at any moment. Always a great positive attitude. Very reliable at work. She helps train new employees and make them feel comfortable. Very encouraging person!

Recognized by Stella D.

Palmer Wholesale – Brandon D.

Goes the extra mile, has the ability to make things happen

Recognized by Justin B.

YouScience – Mallory W.

Mallory is a naturally talented leader who leans in to learn, discover, and be more. She has a skill for anticipating what’s next–whether that is strategically for the business or tactically for her team. She is also the type of personal that balances hard conversations and empathy with an unparalleled amount of EQ. Add to that that she’d die on the hill of customer experience and flawless execution, and she is a rockstar.

Recognized by John H. 

ADS Steel Detailing – Ahmet (Harun) B. 

Harun manages all employees and projects and balances customer need with great skill and competence. When problems come up, he does not drop the issues but is persistently working to find solutions. He is always looking out for his team.

Recognized by Kathi G. 

MKE Steel Detailing – Matthew G.

Matthew is a rising star on the MKE team. He always has a good attitude and strives to bring others to the team effort. He has a great desire to learn more and help others when he can.

Recognized by Kathi G. 

Griffith Engineering Services – Craig G.

Craig has many roles, and wears many hats: design, detailing, modeling, and reports. He added accounting to that recently. He fulfills each role and duty while keeping a happy demeaner. He is always striving to please the team members he works with.

Recognized by Kathi G. 

Graze Craze Pleasant Grove – Brittany J.

She is always willing to fill in whenever needed. She will come to work in the wee hours of the morning on the craziest of days. She is constantly looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency.

Recognized by Camille H. 

Aarons Semi Repair – Tyler S.

Since he started with us in August he jumps and does whatever needs done for the team. He maintains a positive attitude even on the most challenging jobs he is assigned. Just has been a great addition to our team.

Recognized by Nicole L. 

YWCA of Sweetwater County – Kayla M.

Kayla has been with YWCA for over 10 years. During her tenure she has had several different job positions. Her current one as Development Director requires her to spend time outside of “normal” 8 to 5 work hours and meet with local business people and politicians. She can easily carry on a conversation whether she is meeting a CEO or a worker on the front line. She does a great job balancing her work/personal life. This past year saw her and her husband building a house, shuttling two kids to activities, helping their families when needed, and yet, she is willing to take on new projects. She is a team player, and steps up to help when needed. Kayla is guided by the YW’s bigger mission picture. She is a definite asset to our company and a great coworker.

Recognized by Cheryl P.

Thank you to our clients for sharing the stories of some of the great employees that make their workplaces stand out.