To celebrate National Employee Appreciation Day, we asked our clients to share the stories of the employees who make their businesses great places to work. Their hard work and dedication makes both these organizations and our communities better. Some of the characteristics that seem universal and a great attitude and an excellent work ethic. While we aren’t able to highlight every amazing employee, here are some of the stories we received from our clients:

Jessica A. has always been a dependable employee who eagerly accepts any project. She consistently devotes 100% effort to each project and strives to improve her skills to meet assist others in the organization. Perhaps more impressive is her devotion to family and others around her that are in need. Two years ago, a family member was incarcerated, and Jessica immediately volunteered to take on the responsibility of raising teenage children who were left without a parent. She is unselfish and willing to help anyone in need. Viiva is lucky to have her as an employee. Bonus info—Jessica gave birth to her first child in December. She is an incredible mother, employee, citizen and friend. Nominated by Travis Wilson


Joel W. is one of our amazing employees. He works in our IT department and solves problems like no one else. He works late evenings, weekends and even holidays when there is a project to complete. He comes up with original and innovative solutions and never gives up. Thank you, Joel, for your incredible contributions to making Convirza products even better. Nominated by Natalie Wilson

Wendy L. is one of those employees that just gets stuff done.  We’re in the middle of a major software upgrade and she has the ability to see complexities and solve for them before the rest of the team reached the problem.  She’s fantastic at putting the customer first as she works through those solutions. She brings her own flair to the workplace and makes it a safe environment for everyone to bring their own brand of weird in a safe and productive way.  She has little patience for slackers and drives value through example.  She’s always at the top of the leaderboard and does the hard stuff without hesitation.   She’s a real pleasure to work with and we’re really grateful to have her on the team.  Thanks, Wendy!  Nominated by John-Paul Scoville


Evanston Child Development Center
I would like to nominate Jamie E. Jamie is our child care director and works tirelessly to keep our organization going.  Jamie is responsible for over 200 students and 50 employees. Her job is incredibly stressful, yet she is here every day with a smile. She is the ultimate multi-tasker and can easily handle two conversations at once. Jamie devotes many extra hours making sure our staff and the families we serve have everything they need.  She always has a listening ear and encouraging words. If someone is hurting or just having a bad day Jamie will intuitively pick up on that and know just the right thing to do.  Nominated by Melynda Epperson


Union Title Insurance Agency
I would love to nominate Robyn J. for the Helpside Employee Appreciation Day recognition. There is nothing that Robyn won’t do in an effort to help our clients. She goes out of her way to make sure that the needs of our clients are met, even if that means working late or on weekends. Robyn is the first one to arrive at the office and is most often the last one to leave. She is always willing to help her coworkers with complicated projects or questions. In addition, Robyn has helped implement many changes within our company that have saved us both time and money. We are super lucky to have Robyn on our team! She is invaluable to our success and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of recognition. Nominated by Jennifer Tucker


Diversified Systems
We would like to recognize Sherri R. at Diversified Systems, Inc. Sherri has been working with us for just over two years and her efforts have made a significant impact. We are a small family owned company that has been in business for 69 years. We hired Sherri when we decided to make critical changes to improve our accounting procedures, cash flow and our ability to properly serve our customers. She has been the key player in implementing new accounting, dispatching, job costing and billing software as well as some new policies.  She is tenacious in following up and implementing our new procedures with our personnel while still fairly and justly representing the feelings and positions of those who she is working with. She is organized and completes her work promptly. She interacts well with our customers. She resolves problems with customers when necessary while not alienating them and protecting the reputation of our business. Sherri is working in a challenging position and doing very well. We have seen vast improvements in our efficiency and profitability since she came to work for us. Nominated by David Hobson


Castle Rock Precast
I would like to recognize an Andrew M. who has been through a lot this past year. We hired him in June 2018 through a reference that one of our current employees gave. He has excelled at his position and has worked very hard every day to make life easier for his fellow employees. He is always willing to show up early or work late if needed. One of his struggles was communicating with fellow employees and making sure that everyone is working cohesively. He has made massive improvements with his communication and together with his fellow employees he is making our company better every day. Nominated by Teddy Parker


Key Property Management
Over the years, Cindy W. has always been willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.  She stays busy and knows how to get things done.  She sees a need and thinks about how she can help fill that need.  She has positive relationships with all of the employees she works with and an attitude of gratitude.  We really appreciate her contribution to the success of our company. Nominated by Zac Napierski


Hughes Appraisal Service
Dallan C. has been one of those employees who is consistent and loyal.  He has been working for us for 20 years and will likely finish his working career with us up to retirement.  He is the kind of employee that comes in and does his work and does not complain or cause problems.  He is loyal to our company and has been a great asset for these many years.  He is also willing to help others and pitches in where he can.  Just yesterday he came from work to pull me out of a snow bank that I had gotten my vehicle stuck in.  In the community he actively helps and is involved in serving others. He especially likes helping youth groups with archery programs.  He has a positive attitude makes a great employee. Nominated by Chad Hughes


Little Adventures
Kayla C. has been a loyal employee at Little Adventures for 9 years now. Over the years Kayla has done nearly every job within our Logistics department. One of Kayla’s greatest strengths is her attention to detail which has earned her the nick name of “eagle eyes” within the company. Whether it is catalog proofing or the fine line details of a shipment coming from China, Kayla will catch any mistake in her path and regardless of whether it’s in her department or another department she is always willing to help. Kayla is an extremely hard worker. On any given day you will find her diligently working at her desk rarely needing assistance. We highly value her independence and focus. Kayla has done a phenomenal job juggle being a Mom while working and is the first to arrive each morning so she can get off work in time to be with her kids after school. Kayla has been a valuable asset to Little Adventures and we are so grateful for her loyalty and dedication to the company. Nominated by Jenny Harrison


Ultimate Steel Erection
We would like to recognize Adam P. He is one of our lead foreman who takes on some of the most challenging projects. He always works hard and makes the job a success. He is a great asset to USE. Nominated by Shannon Maupin


Acaydia Spa and School of Aesthetics
Meagan has been an employee of Acaydia for almost ten years. Her loyalty to our company is portrayed in her actions each and every day! There’s never a question that she’ll bend or break even the slightest company policy – from dress code to following through on her commitments. We are always so impressed with how she engages with our clientele. Kind, caring, understanding and always putting the best interest of the company in her daily interactions – we are beyond grateful to have Meagan as part of our team! Nominated by Andrea Hulse


Reddish Pharmacy
Reddish Pharmacy is a family-owned Independent Pharmacy which has built a business around the principles of being fast, friendly, and providing excellent customer service.  Our pharmacy offers that personal touch and atmosphere that you typically don’t find at the larger, corporate owned chain stores.  Several years ago, we hired a new pharmacy technician named April, who was highly recommended by her previous employer.  Since customer service is such an important part of our business, I called for a reference and her previous boss explained if he were opening a new pharmacy and had the ability to pick any of the technicians, he has worked with over the years, she would be the one.  Based on her interviews and the recommendation from her previous employer, we hired this technician and it was one of the best business decisions we have made.  Reddish Pharmacy has been in business since 1976 and she is one of the most dependable employees we have ever had.  Not only is she always punctual, I feel she truly cares about the success of the pharmacy and goes above and beyond to make the pharmacy a success.  She knows all the regular customers by name and has quickly become the person they ask for when they need something taken care of.  We are currently blessed to have one of the strongest teams we have ever had, and I appreciate different things about each of them.  Hopefully she will be with us for years to come.  Nominated by Kevin Reddish


Ridgeway Construction
Lincoln B. is the employee I would like to nominate. In the year he has been with us he has been willing to learn and complete tasks that that he was not hired to complete and always takes on the jobs that no one else wants to do. Nominated by Chris Knapp


City Center Credit Union
Emily W. is an incredible employee who has been working at City Center Credit Union for nearly 9 years. She is the first one in the office, the busiest one all day, and she tries hard to help things flow smoothly not only in our office, but for all of our members of the credit union. She does this all while personally caring for her aging mother at home who lives with her. She is a team player and dos all she can to make life easier for all of the rest of us at the credit union. Thank you Emily!!  We love you! Nominated by Scott Johnson


Griffith Engineering
John C. is an extremely valuable employee for Griffith Engineering.  He is a hard worker, has a positive attitude and is honest and fair with the customers.  He has an easy-going nature that gets us through rushed jobs, and is willing to do what it takes to get the jobs done, and done right. John’s sense of humor helps lighten up any tension and makes the workday really enjoyable.  He’s been a real rock for our company for over a decade. Nominated by Kathi Griffith


 Zach L. began work at our company 4 years ago as a production employee.  He was always on time, worked well with all our staff, and performed with excellent quality standards.  During this time, our company had several Production Managers and each had problems dealing with the employees.  We decided to offer the position of Production Manager to Zach, who is considerably younger than all the Production Managers to date.  We couldn’t be happier with his performance in this position!  Zach is well like be everyone and he goes out of his way to make sure everyone at StealthGearUSA is happy in their jobs.  He often works all night so that our production team has what they need every morning to start the day.  He is not asked to do that but sees the need and happily does what it takes.  With his efficient managing style, we were able to reduce the amount of production employees, and we now have a skeleton crew doing the same work with 1/3 of the employees.  Zach not only has everyone working happily, he is saving our company so much money. Nominated by Leslie Laemmlen


Saving Gracie Equine Healing Foundation
My employee, Amanda H. is an amazing and outstanding person. She is my only employee. I have a nonprofit horse rescue in Park City, Utah. Amanda helps me by training and caring for the horses. Most of them are physically and emotionally hurt by the abuse, neglect and often starvation. We’ve rescued, off the track race horses, mustangs that were in trouble and many  of very abused horses. It is very challenging to help abused horses who have lost their trust in humans, it takes extreme dedication and compassion to get their trust back. Amanda works with them every day.  It’s very very cold here in the winter but she doesn’t miss a day. Sometimes spending hours just to get a halter on. The mustangs are wild off the Nevada range and they are are scared. It’s dangerous for her but she never gives up. She has to work alone most days but that doesn’t discourage her. She loves the horses and works tirelessly to give them love and peace.  I think Amanda deserves huge amounts of appreciation for the work she does. She goes beyond expectations and changes the lives for every horse she touches.  This type of work is not just about getting your work done and demonstrating excellence.  It’s also about giving of yourself, with your whole heart. Something money just can’t buy. Nominated by Barbara Phillips


Platinum Payments
Colston is a relatively new employee with Platinum Payments Merchant Services and has already made a big impact.  He was hired on as Sales Manager and truly has take the role to heart doing everything in his power to help the sales reps do they best and provide exceptional service to our customers.  He is always looking to learn and grow and is a great asset to the company.  Nominated by Samuel Smith


Salt Lake MRI
I would like to give a shout out to Miriam Avila. She has made my life a whole lot easier with her willingness to step up and take over so many tasks. Nothing is ever to much for her.  She has been my go to girl and with the rapid growth of our company she has been a life saver.  She has worked for us for over 3 years started in in our patient care team and is now my assistant. She takes great pride in her work and is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. Nominated by Becky VanDetta


Austin was met with some really difficult tasks and projects in the past couple of months, and he has gone above and beyond to ensure the deliverables are met. Not only saving the company money, but also by being a huge asset to our team. He gets along with everyone and can always put a smile on your face. Austin is always the first to help out and consistently works hard to get the tasks done, even if that means working after hours. We are so lucky to have Austin on our team and can’t thank him enough for all he does. Nominated by Allie Duke


Nelson Contractors
Jeff is a very dedicated person and takes his job seriously. He is normally the first person to work every day and is always willing to help his fellow employee any way he can to get their day started, such as getting equipment running and warmed up, fueling, fixing tires if needed etc. He is the same way after the day is done to help his fellow employees. He is always a hard worker and goes the extra mile during the day at the tasks he is assigned and giving 100%.Thanks Jeff for your dedication and hard work. Nominated by Bruce Nelson


Abbington Senior Living
At Abbington, “Our Mission is to Improve People’s Lives”.  Jen exemplifies this mission each day by her hard work and dedication to those that she serves inside and outside of the company.  She has worked with the company for over 13 years and during that time, she has been a consistent and positive influence for good.  She interacts with employees inside the company and customers outside of the company.  Everyone enjoys working with her because of her pleasant way of following up and getting things done, while always paying attention to detail.  Recently she visited the offices of one of our largest partner companies.  When she arrived, the person that she had been working with over the phone and via email, welcomed her and took her around to everyone in the department.  They all wanted to meet the person that kept our accounting records so meticulously and accurately.  When we first started working with this company, they thought we would need to change our software to theirs but because of her attention to detail, they have not had to do that.  She has always been reliable and a pleasure to work with each day!  That’s why we all appreciate Jen! Nominated by Rick Walker


eLearning Brothers
All of our eLearning Brothers employees provide their own uniqueness and apply their skills to various projects and tasks. This year eLearning Brothers would like to give special recognition to Amber R. Amber is a great asset to eLB because, when we are overly busy, she is willing to take on more than her share of work and is still able to meet or beat the assigned deadlines. She is also humble enough to know her limits and reaches out for help when she needs it. Recently she offered to learn a new software tool in order to take on work that no one else on the team could do. She was able to master the new tool and complete the assignment one week early. She exceeds every utilization and work goal we have, and consistently leads the team in the workload she carries. We are very happy that Amber has chosen to work with our team. Nominated by Rosie Doke.


Mountain Modern Motel
Spencer L. is the Sales Manager at Mountain Modern Motel.  He has made a huge impact to our business this winter.  Spencer worked really hard to create relationships with ski groups and we’ve seen huge returns from his efforts this winter.  Our business is better than ever and Spencer’s hard work and great attitude really contributes to this! Nominated by Elena Schroth


Global Surveillance
We would like to nominate Patricia Murphy as a newer employee who has made a very big impact on our business.  As a small business, morale plays a very big part in the daily / weekly successes.  Patricia came on board our company in a time when morale was something of a big issue.  She has done a phenomenal job of not only learning her roles as an employee but also improving office morale 100-fold with her great attitude.  She does a great job of staying positive and uplifting everyone around her.  She is a very quick learner and is eager to take on more responsibilities as she moves forward. She is truly a huge part of our team and we would be lost without her.  Nominated by Preston Colston

We would like to nominate Patricia Murphy at Global Surveillance Inc. Since starting work for this company in September 2018, she has made it a much better place. From her positive attitude, to her playful banter, she is such a pleasure to be around. The overall feeling of our office has changed dramatically. It’s a much more happy place. Thanks Patricia! Nominated by Robin Lauer


Everbase Security
We would like to nominate AJ as employee that goes above and beyond each and every day.  He has come on board a new company that doesn’t have the benefits of having multiple employees to spread the work load.  He understands the growing pains that a new company can and will go through to become successful.  AJ is a person that has been maintaining the work load of 2-3 employees….and doing it with a smile.  His attitude is second to none as he understands the potential of our little company.  AJ is a great team player and wants to contribute in any way he can towards the success of this company. AJ is an employee with an attitude that every employer wants out of their team.  I am 100% confident that a huge part of our success will be a direct result of his dedication and efforts. Nominated by Preston Colston


Armstrong Hotel
Claudia is an amazing young woman who has shown a lot of character and determination to improve herself and her work environment.  With the changes that have happened at our company over the past two years, Claudia has not been afraid to speak up or come to management when she felt like her work environment could be improved or was suffering from internal issues.  She has grown with all of the changes and has shown resilience in the face of our renovations and its consequences. She has always been happy to speak with our guests as a housekeeper, listen to their stories, and answer any questions they may have instead of just sending them down to the front desk.  She is proud of her work and we are proud to have her as a part of our team.  Nominated by Shannon McSweeny


Safehouse Services
Nicole C. has been providing outstanding advocacy to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and elder abuse for Safehouse Services for the past fifteen years. Nicole has the uncanny ability to problem solve in the heat of any crisis. She helps victims at the worst moments of their lives and walks them through the court system as well as helping them with shelter needs and safety planning. She never lets a day go by that she doesn’t find a way to improve her advocacy skills. Nicole truly makes a difference in every life she touches.  Nominated by Carla Thurin


Hearth and Hill
Jill M. always has a smile on her face, knows our menu better than just about anybody on our staff, and is extremely passionate about Hearth and Hill, which shows every time she talks with one of our guests. She helps picking-up shifts of others, comes in dressed and ready to go every day, and is a leader amongst the team.

We would also like to nominate Abelardo in our kitchen. He is a true professional, and expert at his craft. He works our lunch shifts and has stayed numerous times to assist working our busy dinners. His work area is clean, he is courteous to all he works with, and is a true team player. Nominated by Brooks Kirchheimer


Escape Day Spa
I can’t begin to tell you how much 3 of my employees are so amazing between Michele, Crystal and Ashley they make my weeks go by so much smoother.  From picking up extra shifts when people are sick to coming to work with a smile and willingness to help out in all areas of the spa no matter what, to being honest and dependable year after year that’s what true work ethic is and true dedication to their job is.  These three are truly so amazing and I know that I would not be able to get through my weeks without them, or at least not as smoothly that’s for sure.  I appreciate each one of them and all that they do for Escape Day Spa and myself. Nominated by Misty Hay



Thank you to all of the clients who participated and all of the excellent employees working hard to help these small businesses succeed.