Keeping your employees happily working for you is likely your goal, no matter the industry you work in. Turnover is an enemy to your company’s productivity and success. Reducing turnover is all about creating an environment employees want to work in. One way you can create a better environment is through teamwork. Employees need the connection and fulfillment that comes from teams and you need the efficiency and employee happiness that comes from teams. Here are the types of team building you can do to reduce employee turnover:  

Get to Know You Activities 

Employees won’t experience the connectedness you want in teams if they don’t know their team members. It is important that you provide employees with a chance to get to know they people they’re working with, especially if you have remote workers who would have trouble getting to know their team on their own. Provide casual ways for employees to get to know each other such as casual video calls, chat platforms, or other virtual platforms.  

Utilize Mentors 

If an employee feels they don’t belong in their job or that they don’t know what they’re doing, they are more likely to move on to a job they feel more confident in. To prevent this, consider creating or using a mentorship program to make employees feel welcome, accepted, and capable in their job. This will help the employee feel more connected to their job and make them less likely to leave.  

Set Group Goals 

Having goals is a great help for making employees feel fulfilled in their work. It can be even more beneficial when they are tied to their own goals through the support and reliance of others in their work. Give your team goals they can all focus on collectively and complete together. You can also set goals that are accomplished outside of work such as charity or community work goals. Having goals set will help your employees feel more fulfilled in their work and be more likely to stay at your company.  

Try these ideas to decrease turnover and increase engagement at your organization.