Most business leaders would agree that there have been times in the past where they have made a bad hire. Perhaps the individual looked so great on paper that you overlooked some of the things they lacked through the interview processes. It has happened to the best of us. Before you recruit your next employee, take some time to think about the ideal candidate for that position (you can even use the Ideal Candidate Profile Worksheet in our free construction-646914_640Recruiting Toolkit). Chances are technical and professional skills are not the only things you listed. Here is a list of seven soft-skills all great employees possess from Entrepreneur to help you get started:

Reliability– Great employees are reliable. They show up to work when they are needed and perform above expectations. They don’t skate by doing the bare minimum. The best way to gauge reliability is to speak to former employers. Ask about their attendance and commitment to their job. Also understand that an employee who is passionate about what they do will be more committed, so make sure that the job you are offering fits the candidate.

Confidence-A confident employee will be more open to receiving and giving feedback. Take note of how confident a job candidate seems from their resume to your in-person interactions with them.

Image– Great employees care about how they present themselves because they understand that they represent the company. That is not to say everyone should look or dress alike, but great employee take pride in their appearance.

Experience– More specifically, great employees demonstrate they have learned from their past experiences. They take advantage of challenges and mistakes and learn as much as possible. Asking great behavior-based interview questions will help you learn more about the experience of each job candidate.

Easy to work with– This is something else you can learn by speaking with former employers (or even former co-workers) of the job candidate. Teamwork is essential to a successful organization and great employees foster teamwork by being professional and courteous.

Detail-oriented– While this is a common resume and job description buzzword, someone who truly pays attention to the details and sees the big picture of how their job impacts the jobs of their co-workers and the company as a whole is invaluable. It won’t just be about getting the job done, but about getting the job done well. This can be demonstrated by job candidates in their resume and cover letter.

Emotional-intelligence– This can also fall under the categories of problem-solving skills and/or creativity. Ask job candidates to tell you about a time when they solved a difficult problem, or even when they failed to solve a difficult problem and what they learned about it.

What have we missed? Email to tell us what one thing makes a job candidate stand out in an interview? Your comments may be features in a future article.