Everyone likes to be recognized for their work every now and then. For your employees, recognition can mean the difference between motivation and burnout in their daily work. As a business owner you should be intentional about giving employees the recognition they deserve. You may be unsure how to get started or maybe you want to mix up your current recognition program. Here are some simple ways to show your appreciation towards your employees: 

Let Employees Recognize Each Other 

Employees see each other’s hard work up close and personal and are aware of the small but great things their co-workers are doing. Let employees share those things with the company. You can do small shout outs in meetings, dedicate a Slack or Teams channel to recognizing good work, or create a bulletin board for appreciation notes in your physical workspace. This will encourage employees to recognize the work of their peers and build comradery.  

Celebrate Together 

Birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, graduations, and pregnancies are all huge milestones in people’s lives that should be celebrated. Encourage employees to share those milestones at work and allow room for celebration. You can bring in a dessert, go out for drinks, or have a small celebration at work. Even if it’s something small, your employees will feel more appreciated if their life events are recognized.  

Set Work Rewards 

Setting goal-related rewards not only gives employees something to work towards, but it also ensures that employees will be recognized for their accomplishments. You could set rewards for a project being completed by a certain date or for the team with the most work completed. A little healthy competition with a fun reward at the end can bring your teams closer together and allow employees to share pride in their work. 

Recognizing employees is a big part of a leader’s job. Follow this advice to recognize your employees.