Over the course of this year, there have been more than enough challenges and changes to go around. Finding and keeping good employees has been difficult for companies of all sizes and across all industries. Because of this, it is important for your employees to feel your gratitude. Here are some simple ways to thank your employees for their hard work this year:  

Send a Thank You Message 

A thank you note is a very simple and very well appreciated gesture you can use to thank your employees. There are many ways you can show appreciation through messages. A handwritten note can be used when you want to give your employees private, heartfelt thanks. You can also send quick thank you messages over chatting apps like Slack or Teams when you notice a victory in your employees’ daily work. These simple showings of gratitude will assure your employees that you notice the hard work they’re doing for your company.  

Say Thank You Frequently 

The more you practice saying thank you, the easier it will be to thank your employees in the moment. Make an effort to say “thank you” more often to your employees when you notice them working hard to meet company goals. Oftentimes a simple “thank you” is enough to help employees feel appreciated.  

Thank Employees’ Family Members 

When your employees sacrifice for your company, their families sacrifice with them. When you’re thinking of ways to thank your employees, make sure to include their family in your efforts. For example, if you’re considering giving gifts to your employees, look for gifts that could benefit a family. If you are planning on having a company party, consider letting employees bring their families or offer a babysitting service for the duration of the party. Your employees will appreciate the attention and care you show them by considering their family in your thanks.  

Recognize Your Employees Publicly 

Thanking employees in a public way gives more weight to your thanks. You can thank your employees in public by recognizing their efforts during a meeting in front of their peers and co-workers. You can also recognize employees publicly in other ways such as an employee of the month program or a social media post. When you thank your employees boldly, it will likely show them that you truly appreciate their efforts.  

This holiday season is the perfect time to thank your employees for the good work they do. Use this advice to better thank your incredible employees.