Many states make frequent minimum wage adjustments to account for the impact of inflation on wages. This year is no exception, with 25 states increasing their minimum wage. Here is a comprehensive list of the changes: 

State Name 

New Minimum Wage 

New Tipping Wage 

Effective Date 

More Information 

Arizona  $12.80  $9.80  January 1, 2022  Here is the official announcement 
California  $15.00  $15.00  January 1, 2022  Employers with 25 employees or less have a minimum wage of $14.00 an hour. You can find California’s official guidance here 
Colorado  $12.56  $9.54  January 1, 2022  You can find the official guide here 
Connecticut  $14.00  $6.38  July 1, 2022  Connecticut is increasing their minimum wage based on a yearly schedule. You can see the schedule here 
Delaware  $10.50  No Change ($2.23)  January 1, 2022  Delaware is current planning to increase minimum wage on a yearly basis. You can learn more here 
Florida  $11.00  $6.98  September 30, 2022  Florida is increasing their minimum wage based on a yearly schedule. You can see the schedule here 
Illinois  $12.00  $7.20  January 1, 2022  The state minimum wage only applies to employers with 4 or more employees. Tip credit can’t be more than 40 percent of the minimum wage. $9.15 an hour is the minimum for workers under the age of 18 who work less than 650 hours each year. 
Maine  $12.75  $6.38  January 1, 2022  You can view the official announcement here 
Maryland  $12.50  No Change ($3.63)  January 1, 2022  The state minimum wage applies to employers with 15 or more employees. Employers with 14 or fewer employees are required to pay a minimum wage of $12.20. Different wage rates may apply for Montgomery and Prince George counties. 
Massachusetts  $14.25  $6.15  January 1, 2022  For more information on Massachusetts minimum wage laws, you can go to their website 
Michigan  $9.87  $3.75  January 1, 2022  Minors aged 16 and 17 are paid a rate of $8.39 as normal wages and $4.25 as a training wage (the first 90 days of employment). Learn more here 
Minnesota  $10.33  $10.33  January 1, 2022  Tipping credit isn’t allowed. A smaller minimum wage rate of $8.42 an hour applies to: 

  • Small employers (less than $500,000 gross annual income) 
  • Employees under 18 years old 
  • Employees under 20, during their first 90 days of work 

Learn more here 

Missouri  $11.15  $5.58  January 1, 2022  Missouri is currently updating their minimum wage on a schedule. You can view the schedule here 
Montana  $9.20  $9.20  January 1, 2022  Tip credits, training wage, and meal credits aren’t allowed. A lower rate of $4.00 an hour applies to businesses with gross annual sales of $110,000 or less that aren’t covered by the federal minimum wage law. 
Nevada  $10.50  $10.50  July 1, 2022  No tipping credit is allowed. A lower rate of $9.50 applies to employees with health benefits.  
New Jersey  $13.00  $5.13  January 1, 2022  There are a few different rates for different situations. 

  • $11.90 for seasonal employees and employers with 6 or fewer employees. 
  • $10.90 for agricultural employees 
New Mexico  $11.50  $2.80  January 1, 2022  While some counties may be allowed to set their own minimum wage rate, most of the state should follow the increased minimum wage rate 
New York  $13.20  $8.80  December 31, 2021  Employees in New York City, Long Island, and Westchester and employees who work in fast food have an increased rate of $15.00. Other rates may apply for different industries. Check here for more information.  
Ohio  $9.30  $4.65  January 1, 2022  If employers have a gross annual income less than $342,000 follow the federal minimum wage rate, not the state rate 
Oregon  $13.50  $13.50  July 1, 2022  Tip credit isn’t allowed. Oregon is updating minimum wage on a schedule. A $14.75 rate applies to the Portland metropolitan area. A $12.50 rate applies to non-urban counties.  
Rhode Island  $12.25  $3.89  January 1, 2022  Rhode Island has planned future increases to their state minimum wage.  
South Dakota  $9.95  $4.975  January 1, 2022  More information can be found here 
Vermont  $12.55  $6.28  January 1, 2022  The official announcement can be found here 
Virginia  $11.00  $11.00  January 1, 2022  Tipping credit is allowed. Virginia is updating their minimum wage rate based on a schedule 
Washington  $14.59  $14.59  January 1, 2022  Tipping credit is not allowed. Workers who are 14 or 15 years old must be paid 85 percent of the state minimum wage rate, or $12.32 per hour.  


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