Many people find it hard to concentrate or do their best work in a loud environment. Unfortunately, there are many noises in the average workplace that can be distracting or detrimental to your productivity. Even if you work remotely, you may find yourself distracted by other people such as children, partners, neighbors, or roommates, or even pets. Despite the distractions, you have to find a way to complete your work. Here are some ways to work effectively in a loud workspace:

Solve the Core Issue

Sometimes the source of the distracting noise can be pinpointed to one or two factors. It may be a person, machine, or something else. If the source of the distraction is a person, you can ask them politely to reduce the distraction. You might have more limited control over the noises made by general office supplies (keyboards, machinery, etc.) but you may be able to come up with some creative solutions if you work with others at your company. If you are a remote worker, you can control the majority of your surroundings and may be able to stop the source of the noise quickly.

Use Noise Cancelers

Since in some cases you won’t be able to stop the source of the sound, a good alternative is to stop the sound from reaching you. Earbuds, headphones, and earplugs are all great ways to cancel noise and create the work environment you need. For some people white noise machines or music can help keep them focused. The more predictable patterns in music and white noise can drown out the unpredictable noises of an office. Find what technique works for you.

Create a Quiet Space

One of the most common places to have a noise problem is in an open office. If possible, find a quiet place you can work in for your projects that require the most focus. This can be something like an unoccupied conference room or a break room. If you work remotely, you may want to save your tasks that require the most attention for times when there’s no one else in your home. While this won’t get rid of the distracting noises, it will allow you to be as productive as possible, even in a noisy environment.

Working through distractions is difficult for everyone. Use this advice to work productively in a loud workspace.