2020 has been quite the year of ups and downs for everyone, but we want to make sure it doesn’t end on a down. Because of the pandemic, many of your employees are likely missing out on meaningful family traditions or gatherings with friends. This social-distanced holiday season is likely to make employees feel lonely and discouraged. Here are some ways for you to engage with employees and brighten their holiday season:  

Reach Out 

A simple “how are you” can really brighten somebody’s day, especially when it’s heartfelt. Go out of your way to check in on your employees. Ask them question about their holiday plans and how they’re feeling about work. This is an easy way to show you genuinely care about your employees’ happiness. You’ll be surprised at how some employees open up with your simple questions.  

Set an Example 

If you want employees to take care of themselves and open up about struggles, you have to do the same. Prioritize your own emotional well being and share how you’re doing that. Whether you are video calling your family members to feel less lonely or taking time off to get into the holiday spirit, share so your employees know it’s okay to prioritize their own mental health. Additionally, if you open up about your own struggles with loneliness in 2020, your employees won’t feel alone in their loneliness.  

Hold a Virtual Event 

If your budget and workload allow, you can try to host a virtual holiday event. Some ideas for virtual activities include ugly sweater contests, gingerbread making contests, trivial contests, and virtual gift exchanges. Finding ways to celebrate online is a great way to ensure that your employees feel included and happy during the holidays.  

Everyone is struggling to maintain the holiday spirit in such uncertain times. Use these tips to support your employees through loneliness.