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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Health Plan

Health insurance may be one of the most critical annual purchases since it impacts your employees’ physical, mental, and financial wellness. Unfortunately, choosing a health plan can feel overwhelming. With so many options, it can be easy to make a mistake when selecting coverage. Here are four common missteps related to selecting a health plan […]

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What is an Employee Benefits Package and What Should it Include?

Typically, an employee benefits package includes insurance like health, dental...
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Small Business Compliance Basics

There are a lot of compliance laws you need to...
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How Outsourcing HR Benefits Small Businesses

There are always dozens of things on your plate when...
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How Much Do Employee Benefits Cost Per Employee?

When you hire a new employee, you likely have some...
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The Benefits of Offering Health Insurance through a PEO

Health insurance, like many other benefits, can be a great...
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How to Personalize Your Employee Benefits Offerings

Each workforce is made of unique individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests. So why opt for a one-size-fits-all benefits package? Instead, consider providing benefits options that are as unique as your employees. Doing this could help attract and retain valuable employees in your workforce. In fact, 73% of employees said having customized benefits made them […]

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PEO for Small Business: How Startups Benefit from Working With a PEO

PEOs, or professional employer organizations, help businesses with payroll, HR,...
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Part-Time Employee Benefits in Utah

As an employer, you are required to offer some benefits...
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Small Business Payroll Guide: Utah Employee Leave Laws

Employers may provide their employees with various types of paid...
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