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Retaining Employees During Economic Downturn

Since 2023 has begun, there has been talk of a recession. Bank of America is projecting that the United States economy will lose over 500,000 jobs and the unemployment rate is expected to reach 5.5%.   While laying off employees may be necessary for some companies, it is a time that many companies can double down on […]

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How to Avoid Productivity Paranoia

As of 2022, 26% of U.S. employees work remotely. Since...
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2023 Workplace Trends for Small Businesses

As the new year rolls around, companies are constantly looking...
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3 Ways to Prevent Quiet Quitting

What is quiet quitting? Quiet quitting is a relatively new...
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Simple Ways to Boost Employee Retention

Employee retention rate is something on the mind of all...
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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Health Plan

Health insurance may be one of the most critical annual...
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What is an Employee Benefits Package and What Should it Include?

Typically, an employee benefits package includes insurance like health, dental and vision, supplemental options like life insurance and 401(k), as well as other perks like time off and flexible scheduling. Offering benefits in your workplace isn’t required in most cases, but it is something you should consider to find and keep the best employees. Many […]

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Small Business Compliance Basics

There are a lot of compliance laws you need to...
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How Outsourcing HR Benefits Small Businesses

There are always dozens of things on your plate when...
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How Much Do Employee Benefits Cost Per Employee?

When you hire a new employee, you likely have some...
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