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Quiet Vacationing: A New Trend that Employers Should Know About

Many people are familiar with the term “quiet quitting,” which remains relevant today. However, employers should also be aware of a new trend called “quiet vacationing.” Quiet vacationing refers to employees taking time off work discreetly, without formally notifying their employer or officially requesting leave.  Typically, this is done by employees working remotely who either […]

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Five Team Building Activities to Bring Your Team Together

40% of employees say they feel isolated at work. Team...
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Three Ways to Be a More Inclusive Leader

Inclusion refers to how comfortable and welcome employees feel at...
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How to Deal with Employees That Do Not Get Along

Around 19% of employees feel anger towards their co-workers every...
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Five Tips for Modernizing Hiring This Year

As the new year begins, it is important to stay...
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3 Tips for Building a Culture of Respect in the Workplace

Establishing a culture of respect will increase employee satisfaction and...
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5 Tips to Successfully Manage Poor Employee Performance

All leaders will encounter poor employee performance at some point. When employees are no longer putting effort into their work and performance, there is normally an underlying root cause. It is important for leaders to identify the cause of poor work performance and take immediate action to help resolve the issue.   Here are five tips […]

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Three Causes of Employee Burnout and How to Overcome it

Around 52% of employees are feeling burned out which is...
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How to Navigate Flexible Work Schedules in the Office

94% of employees say they want flexibility in when they...
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Five Outdated Hiring Practices

The hiring process can have both a positive and negative...
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