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Managing Employees with Flexible Schedules

A popular trend in our current workforce is flexible scheduling. People can work from home, come in late and stay late, come in early and leave early, and a whole variety of other options. This flexibility is very beneficial to employee morale, and engagement. However, it can be difficult to manage employees that run on completely different schedules and are in different places especially if your […]

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What Employees Love About Work

Even if you don’t have your dream job, you can probably think...
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Four Ways to Build a Resilient Team

In your company, you are bound to experience challenges. What...
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Four Simple Ways to Create a Healthier Workplace

Keeping employees happy and healthy is part of most companies’...
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Three Ways for Leaders to Create a Culture of Accountability

Company leaders may find it difficult to motivate employees to...
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Boost Hiring Success with a Powerful Employer Brand

People make split second judgments based off of appearances. Your...
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Replacing Annual Performance Reviews with Frequent One on Ones

It’s no secret that employees and employers alike have reservations about annual performance reviews. Some employees view them as a waste of time and many employers find it difficult to argue against that. According to management research firm CEB, 42 percent of employees consider annual reviews ineffective, mainly due to the feedback coming at the […]

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It’s Not Your Employee Policies; It’s Your Company Culture

This blog was written by Elizabeth Burt, Senior Leadership Consultant...
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Five Best Practices from Companies Who Make Culture a Priority

Developing a company culture where employees actually want to come...
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6 Things Small Businesses Can Learn About Culture From Netflix

When it comes to culture, the giants like Netflix and...
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