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How a PEO Can Reduce Risk for Small Businesses

There are many inherent risk factors that come with every workplace. Even if your company doesn’t utilize heavy machinery, employees can still be at risk. Remote work can even come with a variety of physical and mental health risks. In addition to these risks, there are many liabilities that small businesses are susceptible to related […]

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Understanding Federal Income Tax Withholding (FITW)

This article was written by Elizabeth Moellmer, Payroll Specialist at...
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Keeping Your Small Business in Compliance

There are many employment laws that small businesses have to...
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Vacation Pay: Basics, Related Laws, and FAQs

Many employers choose to offer vacation pay to their employees...
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How Does Having Remote Workers Impact FMLA?

This blog was written by Rochele Bertasso, Senior HR Business...
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Why Everyone Should Take Classes in First Aid and CPR Techniques

While you can take measures to prevent injuries from happening,...
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State Minimum Wage Law Changes in 2022

Many states make frequent minimum wage adjustments to account for the impact of inflation on wages. This year is no exception, with 25 states increasing their minimum wage. Here is a comprehensive list of the changes:  State Name  New Minimum Wage  New Tipping Wage  Effective Date  More Information  Arizona  $12.80  $9.80  January 1, 2022  Here […]

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Small Business Payroll Guide: Utah Wage Payment Laws

Several federal laws regulate wage payments, including the Fair Labor...
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Why is Workplace Harassment Training Important?

Workplace harassment is an important human resources issue that has...
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Three Reasons to Quickly Terminate an Employee

Often an employee termination is a slow process that happens...
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