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Five Safety Training Topics for your Employee Training Program

Employee safety and ensuring your employees make it home each night is a priority for all small business leaders. One way to improve employee safety is to conduct regular safety training meetings or offer safety training courses for your employees. The purpose in both cases to remind employees of potential hazards, teach employees how to […]

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Keeping Employees Safe While Driving

This blog was written by Raul Ontiveros, Workers’ Compensation Claims...
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Why Everyone Should Take Classes in First Aid and CPR Techniques

While you can take measures to prevent injuries from happening,...
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Why is Workplace Harassment Training Important?

Workplace harassment is an important human resources issue that has...
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Making Employee Happiness A Priority

We all know that happy employees are more motivated and...
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New OSHA COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

This blog was written by Josh Hancey, Safety Director at...
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How Can I Keep my Warehouse Workers Safe from Illness?

All employers want their employees to stay healthy and most employers are worried about illness spreading through their company. There are many ways to help prevent illness, like wearing masks and gloves or enforcing frequent handwashing. But for warehouse workers, there is greater risk of exposure to illness. Here are ways you can make your warehouses safer for your employees: Get Feedback There […]

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Enforcing Safety Rules for Visitors and Employees

As employees and customers return to your business site, you’re likely introducing...
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How to Respond to an Employee’s Positive Coronavirus Test

As the number of COVID-19 cases grows daily, employers across...
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Is it Okay to Let Employees Share a Room on a Business Trip?

When attending a work conference out of town, you may...
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