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Important State Employment Law Changes for 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic and changes to the workforce in 2020, business owners have experienced many changes and updates in Federal employment laws including the CARES Act, Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and the most recent Consolidated Appropriations Act. In addition to these changes to Federal law, it is important for employers to be aware […]

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Be Prepared for 2020 State Minimum Wage Changes

The current federal minimum wage rate is $7.25 per hour....
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Frequently Asked Questions About the New White Collar Overtime Exemption Rule

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced a new final...
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Overtime Rules are Changing in 2020

Yes, we are talking about overtime again. On September 24,...
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Four HR Trends to Watch in 2019

A new year brings new issues for employers to contend...
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2019 State Minimum Wage Rate Changes

A new year often brings about new changes in employment...
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Do I Have to Pay Employees for Meal and Break Periods?

Most employers know that encouraging employees to take breaks and step away from work can improve productivity, performance and even employee engagement. One thing that often trips up employers though is whether employees have to be paid during meal and break periods. The federal law regarding employee pay, the Fair Labor Standards Act has no […]

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Do Employers Have to Give Employees Time Off to Vote?

Election Day happens each November, and employers need to be...
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When Do I Have to Provide a Final Paycheck to a Terminated Employee?

So many things run through your mind as an employer...
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Which Federal Employment Laws Apply to My Company?

One thing every employer should be aware if is of...
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