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How to Manage a Team When You Aren’t the Expert

Imagine you get your first job as a manager. You’re very excited for the opportunity to lead a team and learn important leadership skills. There’s only one problem, you don’t know anything about what your team works on. The subject matter is foreign to you and every person on your team is much more experienced than […]

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How to Lead With Vulnerability

Vulnerability is something that comes with great benefits, but can...
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What Should I Say When an Employee Makes a Mistake?

In business, it is impossible to never make mistakes. However,...
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Knowing When to Say Thank You

As a business leader, you want your employees to be...
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Help Your Employees Find Meaning in Their Work

A lot of the time, work is considered to be...
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Four Tips to Help Leaders Follow Up with Employees

While meeting with one of your employees, you feel that...
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Encouraging Employees to Change Bad Behavior

Managers want to help their employees perform at their best for their good, and the company’s good. However, sometimes small behaviors get in the way. This can be frustrating to both employees and managers who want the employee to progress, but don’t know how to change the behavior. Here is a three step process to […]

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Four Tips for Delivering Negative Feedback to Employees

Giving employees feedback has a tendency to make people uncomfortable....
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A Proactive Approach to Reducing Employee Turnover

Many employee policy guides include language about what an employee...
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Providing Employees with Feedback That Makes a Difference

Providing employees with feedback is one of the many tasks...
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