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Insights on Upcoming Graduates and their Expectations as They Enter the Workforce

The class of 2024 will bring a new set of skilled and educated individuals into the workforce. These soon-to-be graduates are in their last year of college, and they are looking ahead at prospective employers.   Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming graduates and what they are looking for in companies.   Job […]

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Managing Attendance in the Workplace

The average absence rate for all full-time wage and salary...
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Four Budget-Friendly Employee Benefits to Offer

For companies operating on a tight budget, benefits may appear...
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Everything You Need to Know about Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys are designed to assess how engaged and...
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Five Innovative Employee Retention Strategies for Small Businesses

Since workplace trends are constantly evolving, retention strategies must also...
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Understanding Bereavement Leave and Providing Employee Support

Bereavement leave is time off granted to employees that have...
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Three Causes of Employee Burnout and How to Overcome it

Around 52% of employees are feeling burned out which is a 9% increase from pre-COVID. When workers experience burnout, it decreases productivity and engagement, and increases turnover rates.   Here are the three main causes of burnout and how employers can help their employees overcome it.   Unmanageable workloads   Around 46% of workers say they have unmanageable […]

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How to Navigate Flexible Work Schedules in the Office

94% of employees say they want flexibility in when they...
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What Employers Should Know About the Newest Workplace Trend: Bare Minimum Mondays  

You may have heard the term “Bare Minimum Monday” rolling...
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4 Employee Retention Strategies to Use Today

Employees are essential for all companies, but they are especially...
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