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Healthy Habits to Encourage in Your Company

Keeping your mind and body healthy is essential to being productive and enjoying work. Encouraging your employees to stay healthy will make your entire workplace a more productive and happy place. Here are a few important healthy habits you can focus on to make your company a healthier place:   Get More Sleep  Though it may seem more productive to wake up early or stay up late to get […]

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How to Respond to an Employee’s Positive Coronavirus Test

Employers of all sizes have to deal the difficult situation...
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Wellness Programs for Remote Employees

Wellness programs are a great way to encourage well-being in your workforce....
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First Aid and CPR Training in Utah

Though we hope that accidents and injuries don’t occur at...
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How to Read an Explanation of Benefits

An explanation of benefits (EOB) is a statement you receive...
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How to Retain Top Talent During the Great Resignation in 2022

Hiring and retaining employees has always been a concern for...
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Making Room for Healthy Grief in the Workplace

In your life you’re bound to experience grief. People or pets will pass away, and despite how you feel, you will eventually have to go back to work. Dealing with grief in the workplace is difficult for employees and business leaders alike. Here are some tips to make it easier for yourself and your employees to deal with grief in the workplace:   […]

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ER? Urgent Care? Where is the Right Place for Your Healthcare?

Over the course of your life, you are likely going...
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The Benefits of Telehealth Services

More employers and employees have been looking for ways to...
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What Happens with My Health Insurance When I Visit the Doctor?

This blog was written by Steve Anderson, VP Benefits at...
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