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4 Ways Hiring Managers Can Improve the Candidate Experience

Applying for jobs is not a simple task. On average, job seekers spend 11 hours a week searching for jobs. This time is spent researching different companies, updating resumes, and creating cover letters and portfolios.   It can be discouraging to jobseekers when they spend a lot of time trying to make a good impression, and […]

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5 Ways to Reduce Bias in the Hiring Process

Having biased opinions can interfere with good decision-making and cloud...
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What Employers Should Know About E-Verify

Federal law requires employers to only hire individuals who may...
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3 Generation Z Myths that May Be Hurting Your Hiring Process

Generation Z is the youngest generation currently in the workplace....
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Employee Benefits that Strengthen Attraction and Retention Efforts

In the wake of the Great Reshuffle—the mass movement of...
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Poor Hiring Practices to Avoid

Hiring a new employee is an important decision always impacts...
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Keeping Your Small Business in Compliance

There are many employment laws that small businesses have to keep track of in order to stay in compliance. Not staying in compliance can hurt your business and your employees. Because of this, you need to be aware of the different employment laws that affect your company. Here are some frequently forgotten employment laws that […]

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Attracting Diverse Employees to Your Team

Hiring diverse employees has many benefits to your company. Diverse employees can...
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Building a Team with High Values

Most companies have certain values they believe are important and encourage...
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How To Calculate Total Employee Compensation

Finding and retaining valuable employees is necessary to keeping your...
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