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Managing Employees After the Great Resignation

What many people have named the Great Resignation, which started at the beginning of COVID-19, is still having effect on businesses today. Many employees are leaving their current jobs in search of a workplace better suited to their needs and preferences. This trend has drastically changed how employers approach hiring and retention and will continue […]

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Making Meaningful Apologies

In life, and in business, there will be times when...
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Owning Your Mistakes as a Leader

Everybody makes mistakes from time to time, including leaders. These...
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Leadership Skills that will Help You Support Your Employees

Often in small business leaders are promoted because they are...
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How to Stop Micromanaging

Micromanaging is when a leader spends too much time managing their...
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Managing a Hybrid Workplace

As we learned last year, it is important to know...
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Common Leadership Myths

Being a leader is tough. While some leadership challenges come with the job, there are some difficulties that can be minimized by changing your perspective. There are many misconceptions about leading that could impact how effective you are as a leader. Here are a few of those leadership myths:   Myth: A Good Leader is Invulnerable   No one is without vulnerability, even leaders. Hiding your vulnerability will […]

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Keeping Employees Safe While Driving

This blog was written by Raul Ontiveros, Workers’ Compensation Claims...
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How to Gain Honest Employee Feedback

Employee input is essential to your company. Employee feedback can...
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Behaviors to Avoid in Order to Keep Employee Trust

As a business leader, you likely want your employees to...
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