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How to be a Confident Leader

Everyone wants to feel confident in their abilities even when times are challenging. Being a leader is stressful enough without having to worry about your capabilities. Luckily, like any other attribute, confidence can be cultivated and grown. Here are some of the best ways to grow your confidence as a leader:   Try Something New  A lack of confidence can be fueled by believing […]

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Words and Phrases to Avoid at Work

We all have heard words or phrases that make us feel frustrated...
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Resolving Conflict Through Communication

Conflict is a necessary part of work. Conflict allows for change...
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How to Give Employees the Breaks They Need

It is impossible for anyone to work constantly. Even your hardest...
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Leadership Myths

Being a leader is tough. While some leadership challenges simply come with the...
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How to Solve Three Common Employee Problems

Employees are the key to any great organization. Employees take care of...
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Leading Without Toxic Positivity

Chaos and unforeseen problems are bound to come up during your career. How you choose to deal with these circumstances determines if you are a good leader or not. Most of the time, people want to respond to challenges positively, showing an unflappable face to their company and co-workers. However, too much positivity in the place of realism can become toxic to […]

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3 Ways Leaders Can Improve Social Skills

As a business leader, you need to have the social skills...
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The Key to Being a Kind Leader

Leaders frequently have to be the bad guy to make sure things run smoothly. However, kindness...
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Reducing Turnover Through Team Building

Keeping your employees happily working for you is likely your goal, no...
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