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5 Employee Benefits Required by Law

While many benefits are at the discretion of the employer, there is a set of employee benefits that are mandated by law. These legally required benefits are designed to ensure the financial security, well-being, and rights of employees.    Here are 5 employee benefits that are required by law:   Social security and Medicare   Social security and […]

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What Business Owners Need to Know about HR Compliance

Human resource (HR) compliance is the process of defining and...
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What is an HR Compliance Audit?

A human resource (HR) compliance audit is a tool that...
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What is ADA Compliance Training and Why is it Important?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits employers from making...
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Employee Monitoring Laws and Best Practices

In a time where flexible work schedules and remote work...
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Small Business Compliance Basics

There are a lot of compliance laws you need to...
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Why Employee Safety Training is Important

Employee safety should always be high on your list of priorities. Having healthy and happy employees is what makes or breaks a company. One thing you can do to increase employee safety is to conduct regular safety trainings. There are safety training courses on a variety of topics, such as machinery operation, fire safety, illness […]

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Understanding Federal Income Tax Withholding (FITW)

This article was written by Elizabeth Moellmer, Payroll Specialist at...
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Keeping Your Small Business in Compliance

There are many employment laws that small businesses have to...
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Accurately Paying Your Employees

This article was written by Cody Wilkins, Payroll Business Analyst...
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