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Managing Overtime for Remote Employees

Allowing employees to work remotely has its benefits. It allows you to hire employees that live far away from your business, without having to worry about commute. For some employees, it can increase motivation and productivity. However, paying overtime for non-exempt remote workers can get tricky. It’s nearly impossible for you to know exactly when employees are working and […]

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Avoiding Common Overtime Errors

The new overtime law will take effect January 1st, 2020. Overtime is one...
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Overtime Rules are Changing in 2020

Yes, we are talking about overtime again. On September 24,...
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How to Prevent Discrimination and Harassment in Your Workplace

As an employer, preventing discrimination and harassment in your workplace...
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The I-9 Form is Expiring – Here’s What You Need to Know

On August 31 2019, the July 17 2017 version of...
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How to Correct or Prevent Employee Pay Mistakes

Paying your employees the incorrect amount can lead to the...
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What Happens if an Employee Files a Discrimination Claim Against my Company with the EEOC?

While we hope it never happens, understanding the process will help you to be better prepared should an EEOC claim ever be filed against your organization. Typically, an employee’s first step when they feel they have been discriminated against, is to file a claim with the EEOC. In most cases, this step is required prior […]

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Proposed Overtime Rule Changes Are Back on the Table

In 2016, we talked a lot about potential changes to...
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2019 State Minimum Wage Rate Changes

A new year often brings about new changes in employment...
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ACA Struck Down by Federal Court, but Will Remain in Place Pending Appeal

On Dec. 14, 2018, a federal judge ruled in Texas...
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