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Vacation Pay: Basics, Related Laws, and FAQs

Many employers choose to offer vacation pay to their employees to boost morale and loyalty. Depending on the state you work in, there may be laws that apply to vacation pay. Understanding vacation pay can help you offer it to your employees without falling out of compliance. What is Vacation Pay? Vacation pay is paid […]

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EEOC and DOL Announce Guidance on AI and Discrimination

In the past few years, technology has expanded quite a...
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Managing Drug Testing With Changing Marijuana Laws

Drug tests may have been a standard practice in your...
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Why Everyone Should Take Classes in First Aid and CPR Techniques

While you can take measures to prevent injuries from happening,...
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Small Business Payroll Guide: Utah Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws

Employment laws are constantly changing and can be very complicated,...
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What Employers Should Know About Maternity Leave

Like many other aspects of employment, there are many requirements and...
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State Labor Laws Employers Need to Know

Federal labor laws regulate most aspects of employment and apply to nearly every business owner with employees. The federal government gives states power to make their own labor laws for things like minimum wage, termination pay, paid leave, and others. If you are based in Utah but have employees that live and work in other states, you need to be up […]

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Staying in Compliance with COBRA

As a business leader it’s difficult to keep track of every single requirement,...
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Do I Have to Pay Employees for Time Spent Training?

Employees frequently end up at trainings to boost their career....
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What Employers Need to Know About FMLA

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a law that all employers...
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