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Four Tips for Retaining Your Top Employees

Employees are often your greatest expense as an employer, so it makes sense that you want to hang onto them. Retaining employees is important, but takes time and effort to do effectively and you may be unsure of where to even start. Here are four tips for retaining your top employees:   Encourage Growth  When employees feel they can’t progress any further at your company, they might be inclined to search for growth elsewhere. According to a study at CareerAddict, […]

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How to Be a Better Communicator

An essential part of being a leader is communicating with...
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How to be a Confident Leader

Everyone wants to feel confident in their abilities even when times are...
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4 Effective Ways to Prevent Mental Exhaustion

Everyone has gone through something difficult or stressful at some point in their...
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Leading Without Toxic Positivity

Chaos and unforeseen problems are bound to come up during your...
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How to Deal with Negative Feedback Positively

Negative feedback is hard to receive. It can make you...
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Combating Loneliness for Leaders

Being a leader of a small business can feel incredibly lonely at times. Your employees may also be feeling alone, especially if they are unable to spend time with family and friends due to COVID-19. Remote workers are especially susceptible to loneliness. There are ways to lessen loneliness in the work environment. Here are some: Build Relationships This may be easier than it sounds. Generally, […]

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How to Create a Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment is necessary for motivation and productivity....
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Promoting Peer Recognition in Your Company

A lot of the time, employee motivation is left to...
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How to Deal With an Employee Resignation

As a business leader, your worst nightmare comes true. At...
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