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Take Note of These Recent Trends in Performance Management

Workplace trends have undergone significant transformations over the past four years since the COVID-19 pandemic. The way companies handle performance management has drastically changed since 2020, and it seems to be having beneficial outcomes.   Here are the new trends for performance management that small business leaders should be aware of:   Removing performance ratings   Performance ratings […]

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How Job Security Impacts Your Company

Job security is the assurance that one’s employment is stable...
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Understanding Bereavement Leave and Providing Employee Support

Bereavement leave is time off granted to employees that have...
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Calculating the Regular Wage Rate Under the FLSA

Understanding and correctly computing the regular wage rate is crucial...
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Paid vs. Unpaid Breaks for Non-Exempt Employees

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes overtime pay, minimum...
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Why are Employee Benefits Important?

Benefits are an important part of an employee’s total compensation...
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What Motivates Gen Z Employees to be Productive in the Workplace?

Gen Z is the generation born between 1997 and 2012. Gen Z includes roughly 68 million people, and, like all generations, they bring their own unique values and expectations to the workplace.   Since Gen Z is the future workforce, it is important for employers to know what motivates them to be productive in the workplace.   […]

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Dealing with a Passive-aggressive Employee

Handling a passive-aggressive employee can be incredibly frustrating for any...
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What Employers Should Know About the Newest Workplace Trend: Bare Minimum Mondays  

You may have heard the term “Bare Minimum Monday” rolling...
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Talent Management for Small Businesses

Talent management enables companies to recruit and develop a workforce...
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