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Simple Ways to Boost Morale in your Company

Employee morale is important to maintain. You want your employees to feel happy and engaged as often as possible. This doesn’t mean everyone will be happy all the time, but it does mean employees will feel an overarching sense of satisfaction and happiness from their job. These feelings will ensure employee loyalty and better productivity. Here are some easy ways to boost morale in your company:   Allow Autonomy  […]

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Three Ways to Prevent Loneliness at Work

Loneliness can creep up on anyone, especially with the increase of...
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4 Effective Ways to Prevent Mental Exhaustion

Everyone has gone through something difficult or stressful at some point in their...
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Dealing with Unmotivated Employees

As a business owner, you’ve likely had to deal with...
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How Do I Deal with a High Performer with a Bad Attitude?

Nearly all business owners are on the lookout for employees that...
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Behaviors that Annoy Your Co-Workers

We all have our own pet peeves; things others do that...
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How to Be a More Focused Worker

Staying focused when working can be a real difficulty, especially while working from home. There are a lot of distractions that can catch your attention and keep you from being your productive self. Avoiding and overcoming distractions can be a constant challenge in your career. Here are some tips for avoiding distractions and becoming a more focused worker:  Set Boundaries  It’s pretty hard to […]

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Multitasking Myths

Multitasking seems like a must to keep up with your...
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Making Work Fun

Work is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be...
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Leading with Inspiration and Motivation

Boosting the productivity in your company has been a focus...
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