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When Should You Offer Time Off?

Providing time off isn’t only a good way to restore motivation and energy. It is also, in some cases, a legal obligation. Knowing when you should be offering time off can help you to stay out of legal trouble and keep your employees motivated. Here are a few basic guidelines for offering time off: For […]

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Is Unlimited Vacation Time Right for Your Company?

Many companies have jumped on the unlimited vacation time trend....
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The Importance of Embracing Employee Sick Days

Even employees who have designated sick days often report feeling...
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Four HR Trends to Watch in 2019

A new year brings new issues for employers to contend...
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Do Employers Have to Give Employees Time Off to Vote?

Election Day is only a few weeks away and employers...
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Four Ways to Benefit from Time Off Without Taking a Full Vacation

Summer is here and that means many people are looking...
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Does Your Company’s Vacation Policy Need to be Revamped?

It’s hard to believe that summer is already winding down. Kids will be back in school soon and your employees will likely be scaling back their time off requests. Summer is typically the most popular times for employees to take family vacations, so it’s likely you had the opportunity to observe your time off policies […]

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The Benefits that Matter Most to Employees

The most effective benefits packages, the ones that get employers...
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FMLA and the Flu

For the next several months, the flu will continue to...
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