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It’s Not Your Employee Policies; It’s Your Company Culture

This blog was written by Elizabeth Burt, Senior Leadership Consultant at Helpside. Let’s play a fun party game. Name your favorite company policy. What you don’t have a favorite? Of course, you don’t! Most of us think of creating new company policies after there has been a particularly frustrating employee incident. We don’t stay up […]

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Five Things Leaders Can Do to Correct a Toxic Workplace

No one wants to work in a toxic workplace. And...
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Giving Positive Feedback to Employees Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Giving negative feedback is uncomfortable for many leaders, but what...
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The Impact Great Leaders Have on Employee Engagement

Employee engagement may seem like a buzz word, but it’s...
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How to Write a Thank-You Note That Matters

According to research by Aon Hewitt 72% of employees value...
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Helpside Celebrates Employee Appreciation Day

Today is National Employee Appreciation Day! We love having the...
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7 Things Employees Need if You Want Them to Stick Around

One thing we often hear from the small business leaders we work with is how challenging it is to retain good employees. This is especially true in competitive job markets where skilled workers may encounter new job opportunities at every turn. Keeping employees around really boils down to one thing; having great leaders. According to […]

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A Plus Benefits Celebrates Do Something Nice Day

October 5th is Do Something Nice Day. To celebrate, we...
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How to Attract and Retain Quality Hourly Employees

It is probably not news to you that labor markets...
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