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Use Exit Interviews to Improve Retention Strategies

Exit interviews are held before an employee officially leaves the company. These interviews are often a conversation between the departing employee and a leader who wants to gain insight on why the employee is leaving.   Exit interviews can be a great way to receive solid feedback and help your company improve retention strategies.   Important questions […]

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Five Innovative Employee Retention Strategies for Small Businesses

Since workplace trends are constantly evolving, retention strategies must also...
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Simple Ways to Boost Employee Retention

Employee retention rate is something on the mind of all...
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How To Calculate Total Employee Compensation

Finding and retaining valuable employees is necessary to keeping your...
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How to Retain Top Talent During the Great Resignation in 2022

Hiring and retaining employees has always been a concern for...
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Four Tips for Retaining Your Top Employees

Employees are often your greatest expense as an employer, so...
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Is Unlimited Vacation Time Right for Your Company?

Many companies have jumped on the unlimited vacation time trend. Companies like HubSpot, GE, Netflix and many others have announced over the past several years that instead of having a set amount of vacation time each year, employees will be allowed to take as much vacation as they would like, with no one tracking their […]

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A Proactive Approach to Reducing Employee Turnover

Many employee policy guides include language about what an employee...
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Employee Engagement Efforts Don’t Have to be Flashy

The term employee engagement is often thrown around with trendy...
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Having Trouble Retaining Talent? Maybe Your Leaders Need to Demonstrate More Empathy

If you are having difficulty retaining employees at your organization,...
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