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Finding the Best Employees for Your Business

Have you ever looked around at your team of employees and wondering how you could get just a few more of the really great ones? I’m sure most business leaders have been in this position. Hiring new employees is difficult and time-consuming and mistakes in hiring are costly. Like everything else in business, having good […]

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Small Businesses Have Great Opportunities for High Employee Engagement

For all the ways that small businesses are at a...
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Making Workplace Flexibility Work for You

Many small business owners cringe at the words “workplace flexibility.”...
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Employee Perks are About More Than Getting Something for Free

You may be surprised to know that the companies that...
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Be Ready For New Ideas From Employees Before Asking For Them

One of the many things that can increase employee engagement...
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Finding the Right Fit for your Management Team is Vital

In a recent blog post we discussed how according to...
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Why You Should Rethink that Anonymous Employee Survey

One way many companies gauge employee happiness and engagement is with an annual employee survey. Conducting a survey is one way to tap into how your employees are feeling.  Many business owners feel that making these surveys anonymous will elicit the most honest results from employees. But research shows that isn’t the case. A recent […]

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Real Change in Your Business May Require Listening to New Sources

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review gives suggestions...
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Marrying Employee and Company Goals for Greater Success

This time of year it is natural for people to...
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Reflecting on 2014- How Did You Do?

This time of year is a natural time for reflection...
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