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How to Hold a Remote Termination Meeting

Terminations were never easy and moving to remote work definitely doesn’t make them any easier. At least when terminations were in-person there wasn’t the possibility of technology cutting out halfway through the phrase “you’re fired”. Although there is always possibility of error during a termination, there are ways you can minimize mistakes when terminating an […]

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Top 5 Scariest Employer Compliance Challenges

October is the month for all things spooky. However, there...
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Three Ways to Combat Employee Ghosting

Have you heard of the term ghosting? This is the...
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Conducting a Successful Employee Termination Meeting

Terminating an employee is one of the most stressful tasks...
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When Do I Have to Provide a Final Paycheck to a Terminated Employee?

So many things run through your mind as an employer...
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Using Decision-Making Leave to Reduce Turnover and Liability

You may have heard of decision-making leave in the past...
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Terminating Employees with Dignity

Terminating an employee is never an enjoyable experience. There are a lot of emotions involved for everyone. No matter what the employee has done, you know that the news you are about to deliver will be life-changing. But, without a doubt, every small business leader who has employees will have to terminate at one time or […]

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What Does At-Will Employment Really Mean?

Employment at-will means that the employment relationship can be ended...
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Best Practices for Managing Social Media in the Workplace

Social media is one area that causes a lot of...
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Changes to Utah Laws Surrounding Non-Compete Agreements

Earlier this month the Utah state legislature passed the Post-Employment...
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