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Five Safety Training Topics for your Employee Training Program

Employee safety and ensuring your employees make it home each night is a priority for all small business leaders. One way to improve employee safety is to conduct regular safety training meetings or offer safety training courses for your employees. The purpose in both cases to remind employees of potential hazards, teach employees how to […]

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How to Gain Honest Employee Feedback

Employee input is essential to your company. Employee feedback can...
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How to Get a Forklift Certification in Utah

OSHA standards may require some of your employees to get...
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In-Person vs Online Forklift Certification Course: Which is Better?

There are many places where you can get online or...
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First Aid and CPR Training in Utah

Though we hope that accidents and injuries don’t occur at...
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Why is Workplace Harassment Training Important?

Workplace harassment is an important human resources issue that has...
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Creating Professional Development Opportunities for Employees

Professional development is the path of learning and growth employees take throughout their career. Many people feel that small businesses don’t offer a lot of opportunities for growth because there may not be a clear, linear career path. But, most employees (especially engaged employees) don’t want to stay stagnant in their job and appreciate opportunities to learn more. This is where a professional development program can […]

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Do I Have to Pay Employees for Time Spent Training?

Employees frequently end up at trainings to boost their career....
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If You Think You Can’t Afford the Investment in Employee Training, Think Again

“I am sorry to inform you,” the manager’s firing-by-text began,...
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How to Best Implement Upskilling in Your Company

Upskilling is when you train employees on soft or hard...
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