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Promoting Peer Recognition in Your Company

A lot of the time, employee motivation is left to managers and employers. However helpful this is, employees still need peer recognition to feel fulfilled in their work. Besides, putting the entire burden of recognizing every single employee on the backs’ of managers, will only make them burnt out and discouraged. Creating a culture of […]

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Is Your Forklift Certification Training Program in Compliance?

One area where many companies fail to maintain OSHA compliance...
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The Two Most Common Workplace Injury Types and How to Prevent Them

This post was written by Josh Hancey, Safety Director and...
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Creative Ways to Increase Professional Development Opportunities in Your Small Business

Offering professional development opportunities to employees can be difficult for...
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Five Ways to Build Your Leadership Team from Within

In a competitive labor market, recruiting and retaining employees can...
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Make Sure Your Employees are Prepared to Handle an Active Shooter Situation

It’s a situation no one wants to have to even...
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Ten Mistakes Made When Evaluating Employee Performance

There are a variety of common issues that supervisors should be aware of when evaluating the performance of employees. Training supervisors properly is an essential step in avoiding potential legal issues, unemployment claims, and employee performance problems. Here are ten common mistakes supervisors make when evaluating employee performance: Waiting too long— Supervisor should not wait […]

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5 Ways to Prevent Workplace Harassment

Harassment is a form of employment discrimination that may violate...
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Eight Simple First-aid Tips That Could Save an Employee’s Life

Thousands of employees are killed or suffer serious injuries at...
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Jumpstart Your Commitment to Safety with Safety Week Activities

Companies across America will be celebrating Safety Week this week,...
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