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5 Employee Benefits Required by Law

While many benefits are at the discretion of the employer, there is a set of employee benefits that are mandated by law. These legally required benefits are designed to ensure the financial security, well-being, and rights of employees.    Here are 5 employee benefits that are required by law:   Social security and Medicare   Social security and […]

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How to Improve First-Year Employee Safety in the Workplace

This article was written by Josh Hancey, Safety Director at...
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How to Calculate Workers’ Comp Premiums and How to Save

Workers’ compensation protects you and your employees in the case...
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How Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Work?

This blog was written by Tisha Morgan, Senior Risk Management...
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Keeping Employees Safe While Driving

This blog was written by Josh Hancey, Safety Director at...
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Using the 10 Most Frequent OSHA Violations to Improve Safety

Every year OSHA releases the top 10 most frequently cited...
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Two Simple Ways to Prevent Workplace Accidents

Employee safety should always be top priority. Not only are accidents expensive for the company, but leaders also want each of their employees to arrive home safely after work each day. Employee accidents don’t have to be a necessary evil. Here are a couple ways to decrease the number of accidents in your workplace. Create […]

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Is Your Forklift Certification Training Program in Compliance?

One area where many companies fail to maintain OSHA compliance...
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Working Safely in the Summer Heat

Summer heat can be more than uncomfortable; it can be...
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What Should I Do if an Employee is Injured at Work?

If your company participates in the Helpside Workers’ Compensation program, there...
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