When COVID-19 first started spreading across the world, many businesses had to shut down or transition to a new type of work. While the sudden shift to remote work was disruptive and chaotic for most businesses around the world, there are still benefits that came from that abrupt shift. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s take a look at what we’ve gained from having to adapt: 

Improved Communication 

Our world has been changing almost daily and your business has likely had to match those changes. During this time, you’ve learned how to communicate precisely, frequently, and empathetically with stakeholders and employees. You now know what information should be shared with everyone, especially in times of crisis. These are important skills that will help you throughout your career, no matter your circumstance.  

More Empathy 

Through this experience, business leaders have been checking in on their employees more than ever before. They’ve been conscientious about whether employees have everything they need and are receiving support. Additionally, most businesses have established a better focus on employee health, both mental and physical. This care towards your fellow workers will benefit all those who you work with now and in the future.

Flexible Scheduling  

As we were forced to make adjustments to our traditional work schedules, we were able to see that there is more than one way to work. Caretakers were able to fit other responsibilities in between work with little change to productivity. Workers have had extra time in their day without having to commute. And, we have learned that it’s possible to have all of the benefits of flexible scheduling and still produce consistent work.

Though you’ve likely experienced a lot of fear and heartache in the last few months, there are still some things to be grateful for. Look at how your work and life has changed through the course of 2020 to find ways it has changed for the better.