Talent rediscovery is the process of screening candidates that have previously applied to your company and considering if they would be a good fit for a different or new position. 

Instead of looking through several new resumes for each job posting, talent rediscovery has you to look through previous resumes to determine if any former applicants would be a good fit for the open position. Some of the best candidates for the position may already be in your talent pool, so it is beneficial to give them another look when you are hiring.  

How to implement talent rediscovery in your business 

One of the best ways to use talent rediscovery in your business is to stay organized with your candidates. It is important to keep the information of all applicants that almost got the position but were outperformed by another applicant. Reach out to those “silver medalist” candidates and encourage them to apply for a role you think they could be successful in or save their information for a future role.  

In addition, go through the list of candidates who have withdrawn their applications. Candidates usually withdraw their applications if they got another job offer, but they may still have the skills you are looking for, so it is best to keep their information and contact them when a new job position opens.  

Benefits of talent rediscovery 

Talent rediscovery is becoming popular because it helps companies overcome the common challenges of employee turnover and lack of qualified candidates.  

Here are some of the benefits to talent rediscovery:  

  • Helps your company find top match candidates 
  • Reduces recruitment marketing costs 
  • Expands talent pool  
  • Improves the quality of hires 

Talent rediscovery can help your company’s recruiting process become more efficient.  

Talent rediscovery software 

Talent rediscovery can be difficult to manage if recruiters are not organized, so many companies are relying on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to help the process run smoothly. 

Using ATS software will help employers rediscover previous candidates that may be a good fit for a new job position.  

Here are some ways that an ATS system can be beneficial for your company:  

  • The system can alert recruiters if the contact information of an applicant has changed  
  • Applicant information is saved  
  • There are higher quality hires with ATS  
  • ATSs can determine dormant prior applicants  

Talent rediscovery is beneficial for businesses because it allows employers to take another look at previous applicants. Many employers will find that talent rediscovery saves time during the hiring process and increases the quality of hires.