More employers and employees have been looking for ways to improve their health care experience to better prevent larger health issues. One way you can improve your health care is with a telehealth services. Employees who participate in the Helpside Medical Plan have access to telehealth services through WellVia Telemed. Here are some of the biggest benefits of using telehealth: 

Saving Money 

Receiving any kind of health care can get very expensive, even when you have insurance. You may have a deductible or copay related to your office visit. Most telehealth providers offer discounted rates for these services. On the Helpside Medical Plan, telehealth visits have a $0 co-pay, regardless of the plan option you participate in. This can be a significant cost savings, especially if you are on a high-deductible health plan. For a typical office visit, you may also need to travel to get to a doctor in the middle of your workday and end up sitting in the waiting room, wasting valuable time. Telehealth eliminates travel time and waiting rooms, which can save you a lot of money and time.  

Increased Safety 

With less people going to doctors’ offices in person, there is less of a chance that infectious diseases will be spread. Using telehealth for minor issues can keep you from catching a contagious illness at the doctor’s office. Additionally, having access to telehealth can make it easier Get advice from a medical professional and prevent small issues from becoming bigger issues. 


There are a lot of aspects of telehealth that are more convenient than traditional health care. For some, it can be easier to meet with a doctor from the comfort of their home. It can also be more convenient to take notes or include a family member in the discussion to better understand doctor instructions when using telehealth. On the Helpside Medical Plan, telehealth allows participants to get help for common issues and be prescribed medications without the hassle of actually going to a doctor’s office.   

Telehealth can be a great additional value to your employee benefits package, allowing employees to access the health care they need in a more convenient way.