Business owners and managers often lament their unengaged workforce, high turnover and other employee issues. If these problems are plaguing your company, perhaps you should take a look at your system of feedback for employees. If employees are only receiving negative feedback, and never being recognized for their hard work, increased skills or teamwork, they can quickly become unengaged and may begin looking for other work.

Recognition can come in many forms; performance bonuses, employee of the month programs, promotions, etc. It can also include some small things. What about offering free coffee, soda and water in the employee break room? Could you bring in lunch for your employees every quarter or every month, just to say thank you? What about hand-written thank you messages from the business owner on employee paychecks? Could you offer some free lunch and learns focusing on life skills that translate both in and out of work such as communication, budgeting, and public speaking? We have seen all of these very small things impact the feelings of employees at companies we have worked with.

This article highlights some other ideas for employee recognition programs:

Entrepreneur- Drive a Feedback Loop: Employees Will Benefit, So Will Your Company

Each company and industry is different. No one type of recognition is going to work for everyone, so you will want to discover what works best for your employees and gives you the greatest return on your investment. If you have questions about finding the right motivation for your employees, contact an HR Advisor.