In the business world, bad things happen. Sometimes when bad news is delivered, people will respond negatively, not only to the news itself, but to the one delivering the news. As a leader in your organization, you need to know how to deliver bad news in a way that minimizes emotional reactions of others. Here are a few tips: 

Prepare People 

Nobody wants to be hit with bad news out of the blue. Prepare your employees for upcoming bad news, buy being as transparent as possible when problems occur. Start the conversation by warning employees that they will probably not like this information and then explain the impact

Convey the Right Meaning 

Part of being able to deliver bad news is knowing how to share it in a way that makes sense. To make sure you’re conveying the right meaning, you may want to practice your delivery. Go over the wording you plan to use as well as your body language while giving your message. Additionally, you will want to consider how you give the bad news. It would be better to deliver bad news in person, but if that’s not possible try a video conference or phone call instead. Two-way forms of communication, that allow employees to ask questions are always better.

Be Honest 

You may be tempted to downplay the severity of the bad news to avoid making people angry. Don’t. This can cause people to not act with the urgency needed to properly address the issue. Insteadexplain what steps need to be taken next and what has already been pout in place to deal with the bad news. This will allow members of team to properly address the issue at hand without feeling upset with you.  

Delivering bad news can be tricky. Follow these tips to make it a little easier.