One of the things we hear most often from the employers we work with is that finding and keeping good employees is their top concern. And it makes perfect sense. Your employees are the engine that run your company. If one piece is out of alignment, performance

The good news is there are some simple things you can focus on beginning today to improve your employer brand, allowing you to find and then keep the employees you need to take your company to the next level. A recent article from Harvard Business Review gives us three things global companies focus on to convince workers to join and then stick around:

Target the right talent: The first step is understanding the type of employee that successes at your organization. Take a look at some of your highest performing employees. What characterizes do they all have in common. Then create a talent profile for any open positions at your organization using this information and information from your job descriptions. Understanding exactly who you are looking for can help you know where to look. Our free Recruiting Toolkit has even more ideas for finding the right people.

Stand out from the crowd: Just being good is no longer enough. What makes your company great?  If you can’t think of anything, it may be time to do some soul-searching. Why do you come to work each day? What drives you to push your company further? Find the values that make your organization unique and makes sure your employees and prospective employees know about them.

Deliver on your promises: Once you have those great employees at your organization, you need to treat them right. The most important factor is trust. Employees will never trust what you say to them if you are constantly going back on promises you have made.  Make sure you follow through with what is pitched to new employees in the onboarding process. If something changes, communicate that. Don’t forget about the ongoing development and recognition of your employees.

It really is that simple. Focusing on these three things will get you on track to attract great employees to your company and keep them around as long as possible.