Developing high-performing teams of employees is the goal of every business leader. It can be difficult to get individuals with different motivations and personalities to all work well together, but there are three qualities you can focus on help hep your employee teams perform at the highest possible levels. No matter what size your team is or what industry you work in, these three things must be present:

Open communication

Any close relationship requires open communication. Trust and transparency are vital, so that all members of the team coordinate their work. The team must also be prepared to address any conflict immediately in order to keep the team cohesive.

Shared goals

The team must understand what they are working toward and why it is important. They also need to understand how their individual goals and the team’s goals are aligned with the businesses’ goals. People like to feel like they are working toward something bigger and that their work has a greater impact on the business and the community as a whole.

Defined roles

When everyone knows who is responsible for what they can hold each other accountable for their work. This is a motivating environment to work in. It also helps each individual see how their own work is contributing to the team’s shared goals.

Teams can be difficult to manage. Conflicting personalities, communications styles and work ethics often lead to challenges. Keeping the three qualities above in mind when managing a team can help to ensure success.