In your company, you’re bound to run into difficult employees. This can be frustrating to leaders and managers who want to company to progress, but are thwarted by poor behavior. Instead of just accepting the difficult employee’s behavior as a necessary evil, there are ways to get that employee back on track and helping your company. Here are some ways to do that:

Don’t Add to the Problem

Mimicking or participating in the behavior your employee is exhibiting will only make the situation worse. For example, if your employee is being excessively negative, then talking negatively about them will only bring your company down further. Consider whether you have any biases clouding your vision. For example, if you don’t like criticism delivered to you bluntly, then you’ll be more likely to dislike an employee that is naturally blunt.  

Focus on the Facts

Record specific instances when your employee is being difficult. Keep it neat and tidy, without emotions involved. After you’ve gathered the facts, address it with your employee. They might deny or be unaware of how their behavior is affecting others. Show them specific facts and instances of poor behavior or attitude to give them the best feedback. Avoid sounding accusatory because that will only make your employee go on the defensive. Ask questions to understand their point of view.

Check In

Just addressing the problem once won’t make it go away. Follow up with the employee, their co-workers, and other managers. Provide coaching for your employee to keep your employee progressing.This will help the employee to feel more motivated and supported as they get back on track.

Share these three steps with the managers in your organization to help you get any employee to turn around and get back on track.