With 98% of employees wanting to work remotely at least some of the time, it can be intimidating to put up a job post with only on-site positions available. However, there are many benefits to on-site positions that remote positions do not offer, such as increased opportunities for collaboration and increased rapport with colleagues and clients.  

It is important to show job seekers some of those on-site benefits to help encourage them to apply for an in-person role.  

Here are three tips for attracting employees for on-site positions:  

Provide compelling reasons 

If employees are being asked to work on-site, they need to know why. If their role requires in-personal collaboration and teamwork, then employers need to state that. Employers should also list some of the benefits of working on-site versus remotely. These benefits can include increased socialization with coworkers, improved employee engagement, and help with creating internal networking opportunities for advancement and mentorship.  

Offer flexibility  

Providing flexibility is more than just allowing employees to work from home. Flexibility can be shown through accepting employees’ time off requests, offering paid vacation time, and being adaptable to personal commitments outside of work that might necessitate adjustments to an employee’s work schedule. Flexibility can also be offered through allowing more independence in the office by not micromanaging employees.  

Employees want flexibility, but it does not always have to come in the form of working remotely.  

 Create an enjoyable work environment 

If a work environment is full of discrimination, bullying, micromanaging, and stress, then employees will not be motivated to work in the office. To help attract employees to work on-site, it is important to create an enjoyable and safe environment for everyone.  

Here are some ways to create a positive work environment 

  • Acknowledge the work of your employees 
  • Provide growth opportunities  
  • Do not tolerate discrimination of any kind 
  • Fulfill the needs of your employees 
  • Create a social environment 
  • Provide snacks and drinks for employees 
  • Allow employees to take breaks to walk around or socialize 
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration 
  • Provide incentives for teams or individuals  


There are many benefits of working on-site positions that newer generations may not be familiar with. If employers provide reasons why in-person work is necessary, offer flexibility, and create a positive work environment, then workers will be more open to the option of working in-person.