Company leaders may find it difficult to motivate employees to care as much about the organization as leaders do. Encourage your employees to take ownership of their jobs. Here are some ways to encourage a culture of accountability in your work:

Be Specific

When meeting with employees and delegating tasks be very specific about what you want to achieve. Set a precise date and time when you expect tasks to be completed.Then give employees the space to perform the work in their own way. When employees are able to control some of their work, they are more likely to feel ownership over it. Having a specific time not only allows your employees to understand expectations, but it allows you to know the appropriate times for check-ins. 

Be Clear

Keep away from vague language. Language used should be able to quantify the tasks. Avoid words like “best”, “we”, and “worst”. Make sure each individual understands their role in the task and the goal of the final outcome. When making an agreement with an employee, keep language specific on both sides. 

Employees should, for the most part, give yes or no answers. This will help the employee and you to know for sure if they accomplished their goals or not. Try to direct conversation to those yes or no agreements. If an employee is having trouble agreeing to what you want, be willing to compromise, but make sure your expectations are clearly laid out. 

Be the Example

As a company leader, your actions have an effect on all of your employees and co-workers actions. Be accountable for your own actions and mistakes. Lead your employees with accountability and this will spread to your employees. 

Following these tips will help your company culture be more accountable.