How employees feel towards a company greatly impacts the workplace culture and productivity. Most of the time, employee loyalty is dependent on management, pay, and workplace culture. It is important for leaders to know how to increase employee loyalty to help retain and attract top talent.  

Here are three ways to increase employee loyalty:  

Act on feedback  

When employees give feedback, whether verbally or through surveys, be sure to do something with that feedback. Dismissing feedback means that your employees’ dissatisfactions will not be taken care of, and that can create turnover 

Once an employee has given feedback, make note of it, and figure out ways to implement their feedback. For example, if you notice that many employees complain about work meetings being too long, talk to other leaders about ways to shorten the meetings.  

Recognize frequently  

Your employees want to be recognized and appreciated for their efforts. When employees feel valued, they will see the value in their work and in the company.  

Leaders should frequently make an effort to reach out to their team members and thank them for their work. Recognition will increase your employees’ productivity and motivation 

Create a positive work environment  

Create an environment that makes workers feel included and safe. When a work environment is productive, honest, collaborative, and inclusive, it makes employees want to stay at the company.  

When leaders hear of micromanagement, gossip, acts of discrimination, or anything negative about the workplace culture, leaders need to do everything in their power to resolve the issue right away. 

It is important to create an environment that employees will enjoy working in. Increasing loyalty will reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction in the office.