As a business leader, you can’t do everything. There’s only so much time in the day and only so much you can give. Delegating is something many business leaders struggle with. It’s hard to give up any part of your job. Regardless if you feel responsible for tasks or you feel like no one can do your job as well as you, certain tasks need to be delegated. Not only do you not have enough time to not delegate, but delegating tasks to employees presents a great growth opportunity for your employees and more stability in your company. Here are some ways to make delegating easier for you:

Provide Training

Training your employees to do parts of the work you do will help you to delegate with more confidence. Take the time to thoroughly train your employees on how to do certain tasks. This will provide you with a group of capable people you can delegate to. 

Be Specific

When delegating, you need to be specific in your instructions and expectations. If you’ve delegated a project to a group, consider assigning everyone in the group with specific roles on the project. A good way to make sure you’ve been specific enough is to ask the employee questions about the project you gave them to work on. 

Communicate With Your Employees

Keeping an open line of communication between you and your employees will make the delegating process much easier. While the project you’ve delegated is being worked on, you want to be in close reach of your employees in case they or you have questions. Once the project is finished, give your employees positive and negative feedback

It can be difficult to delegate projects that you feel responsible for, but it’s ultimately necessary. Use these tips to make delegating easier for you and your employees.