Having a sense of fairness present in your company will help your employees to be more motivated and happy. Employees who feel like there is favoritism in your company may be discouraged and bitter. Here are some tips to help you promote fairness in your company:

Give Recognition Equally

Giving recognition to only a few people is a good way to upset other employees. Try to spread out recognition to recognize employees from different departments for various things. Avoid rewarding the same employees over and over. Make sure you include employees who work far away or work from home in your recognition. This will assure that your recognition is fair. To improve your employee recognition practices download our Employee Recognition Toolkit by clicking the button below. 

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Prioritize Transparency

When promotions or pay raises aren’t fully explained, employees might think they’re unfair. Provide open feedback for all of your employees. Personal feedback will allow your employees to improve, and feel well informed. If an employee is complaining that a co-worker’s promotion is unfair, try to explain why they, individually, were not given the promotion. It will give them context and the opportunity to improve. 

Keep your pay practices fair. Help your employees understand your company’s policies and practices for compensation. When your employees understand your payment processes, they will be less likely to feel that compensation (including promotions) is handled unfairly.

Create a Fair Way for Employees to Voice Complaints

Employees want to know that their concerns and complaints are listened to and considered. Create a way that allows for everyone to put in their feedback without bias or dismissiveness. It’s a good idea to allow employees to give upward feedback. It will make feedback seem more fair. This can be done anonymously, or face to face. Whatever works best for your company.

Fairness in the workplace will affect employees’ motivation and happiness. Follow these tips to help promote a fair environment in your company.