When you are the boss, sometimes you have to be the bad guy. It is part of the job. You are likely responsible for disciplining and firing employees who are not performing. But in addition to these more negative aspects, you can also develop positive relationships with your employees. Here are some behaviors that can help you to become a more likeable leader:

Give Employees Your Attention

It’s okay to have your headphones on while working on a project but having them on all the time might distance you from your employeesWhen you walk around the office, simply saying “Hi” can make you a more likable person. Take the time to recognize your employees in simple ways.

Be Selfless

If all you ever care about is yourself, you’re not going to be liked very much. Instead of talking about yourself, ask your employees about their livesInstead of just looking out for yourself, spend time helping your employees to progress in their career. Being selfless will make you a more likable leader.

Have Consistent Emotions

Having predictable reactions will make your employees more comfortable working with you. Keep your reactions consistent to the situation. You should never lose complete control of your emotions. That will result in your employees being afraid to share information with you.

Additionally, you should be emotionally open. That makes it easier for your employees to relate to youYou have to be willing to give some information about yourself or some real feeling to be likable to your employees.

Give Thoughtful Feedback

This applies to negative and positive feedback. If you’re giving negative feedback, make sure it’s helpfulWith positive feedback, you don’t want to just give out random compliments. It will seem shallow and insincere. Spend time thinking of ways to give thoughtful positive feedback that employees will appreciate.

Use these tips to make yourself a more likeable and thoughtful leader.