There are between 35,000 to 62,000 injuries every year related to forklifts, and around 87 deaths per year due to forklift accidents. Violations of proper safety and forklift training can also result in fines up to $135,000 

Forklift violations not only put your employees in danger, but it can also impose significant financial burdens on the company.   

Here are the top five OSHA forklift violations to avoid:  

Inadequate operator certification  

All forklift operators must have a OSHA-approved forklift certification. Employers who allow a forklift operator to operate without this certification can be subject to fines and penalties. 

Failure to conduct refresher training 

It is required by the OSHA that employers provide their employees with forklift refresher training every three years. However, if there is an accident or reported reckless behavior then employers should conduct refresher training sooner.  

 Unsafe operation  

At the top of the list is unsafe operation. This includes driving too fast, taking sharp turns, and driving too close to platform edges. Many employees and bystanders can also get injured by not following loading dock safety procedures. 

Failure to remove unsafe forklifts 

If a forklift is in need of a repair meaning it has fluid leaks, malfunctioning brakes, worn forks, worn tired, visible emissions, hydraulic hoses, or any other visible damage then take the forklift out of service (lockout/tagout). Only put the forklift back in service once it is restored to its proper and safe condition.  

Failure to conduct pre-operation inspections 

Before a forklift is used, it is beneficial to have daily inspections and ensure there are no issues. Employers should supply daily checklists that forklifts must pass before use. 

Leaders should take the time to ensure they are following all proper safety procedures of using a forklift. If there are violations, it can lead to potential employee injuries and expensive fines. If you have any questions regarding forklift violations, reach out to us at