In the past year, many employees have had to figure out the nuances of remote work. In the midst of those difficult times, you’ve likely hired employees who have only ever worked remotely at your company. Now that the world is returning to normal you may want those hires to come to work in-person. Even though these employees may have worked at your company for months they will be entering an entirely new environment when they start to come to work in-person. Here are ways to make the transition from remote work to in-person work easier for everyone in your company:  

Move Slowly 

Throwing your employees straight into a new environment would be confusing and frustrating for many people. To avoid this, start introducing employees to the in-person workspace slowly. Consider part time in-person schedules so previously remote employees can continue to work remotely for part of the time. This will give employees room to adjust to the new schedule and environment.  

Create a Safe Environment 

Some of your employees are probably nervous to go to work in person. Concerns about entering a new environment as well as the health concerns we’ve all dealt with due to COVID-19 can make it hard for employees to feel comfortable coming to work in person. Do all you can to make sure your workplace is protected from illness and other physical hazards. Also take time to make your workplace psychologically safe by creating a healthy work dynamic with your employees.  

Encourage Bonding 

Employees that have only worked remotely likely don’t have strong relationships with the people they work with. One of the benefits of changing to in-person work is the increase of casual social interactions that bring teams and co-workers together. While transitioning to in-person, encourage your employees to interact and get to know each other. This will bring your employees together and make the transition to in-person easier for everyone. 

Bringing your employees back to in-person work can be difficult. Follow this advice to make the process run smoother.