If you are looking to fill an important or high-level position within your company, you are likely looking at active, employed and passive candidates as options.

Recent research from Indeed gives some insight into the minds of employed job candidates that can be helpful for small business owners competing for the best employees.

What are employed job candidates really looking for?office-620817_1280

  • Better pay– 76% of employed candidates claimed pay would most attract them to a new job during their search.
  • Great location– 51% of employed candidates reported that an opportunity with a good location would most attract them to a job offer. 7% also rejected their most recent job offer because it wasn’t in the right location.
  • More flexibility- 50% of employed candidates were attracted to a job because it offered flexible hours.

Another alarming statistic from the Indeed study is that 65% of people look at new jobs again within 91 days of being hired. This is important to consider when you think about the cost of hiring a new employee and the time it takes for a new employee to be fully productive. Research says it can take up to five months for a new employee to be fully productive.

These can be some great things to keep in mind when you are looking to fill your next position. Need help? Contact one of our expert HR Advisors.

Image from Pixabay.